Ranch dressing: Always the winning dip for game day snacks

Litehouse Homestyle Ranch, photo provided by Litehouse
Litehouse Homestyle Ranch, photo provided by Litehouse /

With game day snacks often capturing more attention than the big game, ranch dressing and Litehouse score a wine with a Big Game snack spread.

From chicken wings to pizza to veggies, ranch dressing always scores a win with game day snacks. But, no one wants to fumble before halftime. How will you make sure that the game day spread is victorious?

According to Litehouse, 80% of people are planning to host or attend a big game party. While some parties might have themed foods or traditional options, there are a few foods that everyone wants to see on that big game spread.

With billions of chicken wings eaten during the big game, ranch dressing is a must. Although some people prefer blue cheese, the only party foul is running out of either dip. According to Litehouse, 1 in 3 Americans have run out of dips during the big game.

When planning a big game spread, make sure that you get a big container or a second container of ranch dressing. It is such a versatile dip, that any extra ranch will be used in other recipes, meals and snacks.

From a dip for veggies to a spread for a sandwich to a marinade for chicken, ranch can be worked into a variety of dishes. Truthfully, it seems likely that everyone has at least one bottle of ranch in their refrigerator right now.

With so many people loving ranch, it raised the question, what’s the most unusual food that ranch goes on? There has been much testing on what does and does not go with ranch. Of course, the beginning premise is that you like ranch. With that idea in mind, ranch can go with a lot of foods.

ranch dressing, Litehouse
Litehouse Homestyle Ranch served with pizza, photo provided by Litehouse /

Yes, there are some obvious choices. Putting aside chicken wings and veggies, pizza is an obvious choice. There is something about the tanginess with the pizza crust. There is something about bread and ranch that is just tasty.

Another great choice is pairing it with almost anything spicy. The creamy, tang tames the heat. Isn’t that the purpose of ranch and fiery hot wings?

While the avocado toast trend is still going strong, why not put some ranch on it. Maybe this option could make your dad like avocado toast and finally make this food trend jump the shark.

In the end, ranch dressing is, and will continue, to be a staple in everyone’s refrigerator. From the versatility to the tastiness, everyone will be happy when a bottle of ranch appears. Just make sure that you don’t run out during the big game.

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What is your favorite way to use ranch dressing? Do you have an unusual pairing that FoodSided needs to try?