Best grilling condiments that will have you skipping ketchup

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Skip ketchup for these best grilling condiments.

Time to light up the grill. These best grilling condiments will have you skipping ketchup for a more flavorful option. Isn’t your summer barbecue ready for an upgrade?

For many people, condiments are an important part of any barbecue or grilled dinner. Even though the flame flavors the food, that extra drizzle of sauce can make that dish taste even better.

Although many people love ketchup, that condiment is reality simple. Even though it can be tasty on French fries, even that hamburger can use a flavor upgrade. What condiments should be in your refrigerator?

Putting aside plain ketchup, mustard and even store bought barbecue sauce, FoodSided has comprised its best grilling condiments.

Hidden Valley Ranch Blasted

While considered a dipping sauce, this Hidden Valley Ranch condiment is more than just a dip. Available in four different flavors, we recommend the new Blazin’ flavor because it definitely brings the boldness. The combination of habanero pepper with buttermilk with some onion and vinegar flavors is quite tasty. More importantly, it goes with everything from French fries to chicken skewers.

Also, the Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauces are quite tasty. From bold to sweet, these secret sauces are versatile, too.

Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces

Sometimes a little drizzle can go the long way. The new Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces offer a variety of flavors that can bring any dish from blah to wow. For example, that Roasted Garlic Drizzle Sauce is delicious on a steak or potatoes. Basically, the versatility of these drizzle sauces makes them a grilling must have.

Bring big flavor to the table.

Bacon Jam

Of course, everything is better with bacon. Bacon jam combines “bacon, brown sugar, caramelized onions, apple cider vinegar, and special seasonings” into a delicious spoonful of goodness. Try a little on a hamburger, add a dollop to a grilled chicken breast or use your imagination. Just like bacon, bacon jam can go with almost anything.

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Of course, there are many tasty barbecue sauces on the shelf, but homemade barbecue sauce is so much better. Truthfully, with just a few pantry ingredients, anyone can make a barbecue sauce. Isn’t it time to unleash your inner chef?

Avocado sauce

Who doesn’t have a few avocados in the house? While many people love guacamole, blended some avocados into a sauce can be tasty. Through some avocados in the food processor with seasonings and a little vegetable broth. The fun part is playing with the seasonings. From spicy to citrus, there are limitless possibilities.

These best grilling condiments are just a few suggestions. The grocery store shelves are over-flowing with condiments. Find some flavor profiles that you like and start experimenting. Food is meant to be fun. Who’s ready to light up the grill?

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What are your favorite grilling condiments? What condiments are always in your refrigerator?