Resolve to try the Baskin-Robbins January Flavor of the Month

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Baskin-Robbins January Flavor of the Month is a new chocolate delight.

Get ready to scream for more ice cream because Baskin-Robbins January Flavor of the Month is here. While everyone tends to have a favorite ice cream flavor, this brand new ice cream flavor on the Baskin-Robbins menu will have everyone wanting an extra scoop. Are you ready for Chocolate Trilogy?

The brand new ice cream flavor, Chocolate Trilogy is a triple dose of chocolate ice cream goodness. In one single scoop, the ice cream showcases the varied chocolate flavors.

According to Baskin-Robbins, the Chocolate Trilogy features malted chocolate, white chocolate and Belgian chocolate. The three chocolate flavors are swirled together to create an explosion of chocolate indulgence.

While chocolate ice cream is always a popular choice, this new ice cream flavor shows how chocolate isn’t just one flavor note. From the traditional, milky chocolate flavors of a Belgian chocolate to a sweet white chocolate, each chocolate flavor is quite different.

In many ways, people are drawn to chocolate because it tends to make people feel happy. Although the old saying about screaming for ice cream still applies, the truth is that chocolate ice cream feeds many people’s happy moments. By combining three chocolate flavors together, it become the ultimate indulgence.

While Baskin-Robbins says that the Chocolate Trilogy can be enjoyed in a milkshake, it might be better just as a scoop. In that version, you can create the perfect bite that either has all three chocolate flavors or enjoy one at a time.

Personally, the Baskin-Robbins January Flavor of the Month would be delicious in a waffle bowl. That combination of a sweet, crunchy waffle goodness with all the chocolate would be amazing.

Thinking ahead to February, it would be nice to see the brand find a way of bringing Ruby Chocolate (the pink chocolate) into the mix. A pink chocolate ice cream for Valentine’s Day would be perfection.

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The Chocolate Trilogy Baskin-Robbins January Flavor of the Month is available now. What is your favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor?