Laura Marie Moore brought a positive attitude to Worst Cooks in America

Red team recruit Laura Marie Moore poses, as seen on Worst Cooks in America, Season 21. Photo provided by Food Network
Red team recruit Laura Marie Moore poses, as seen on Worst Cooks in America, Season 21. Photo provided by Food Network /

On Worst Cooks in America, Laura Marie Moore isn’t sitting on the sidelines.

Laura Marie Moore is ready to put on her game face for the new season of Worst Cooks in America. In the first episode, this NHL cheerleader might have mentioned that she is hopes her cooking could make her “wife material.” In the end, the lessons learned on the Food Network show were far more than just impressing a future husband.

In the latest season of Worst Cooks in America, Laura Marie Moore joined a group of new recruits that have questionable cooking skills. After the baseline challenge featuring a favorite homemade recipe, Anne Burrell and Carla Hall might have wanted to head back to their homes and escape.

Featured in Worst Cooks in America Season 21 is Laura Marie Moore, The NHL cheerleader might know how to boost morale for those hockey players, but her skills in the kitchen are in need of some sharpening. Recently, she spoke to FoodSided about the Food Network experience.

As a member of the Red Team, Laura mentioned that positive attitude helped her in both this competition and in the kitchen. She said, “Working in the NHL has taught me so much about the value of a positive attitude. Whether my team is up by 4 or down by 10, it’s my job to keep the energy up. If you can commit to positivity, I believe you can do anything. This translates DIRECTLY to cooking. When you don’t really know what you’re doing, you can’t be surprised when you make a mistake. So you also can’t let those mistakes get you down. In the kitchen, Chef Anne Burrell has a fix for just about anything. You just have to stay positive and charge onward till you find a solution.”

Having a fix for almost anything is a cooking skill that many home cooks want to master. But, those skills come through learning in the kitchen.

As seen in the first challenge of the season, a favorite food memory can inspiring but the dish needs to be executed well. Sometimes a memory doesn’t always translate to the plate.

For Laura, her inspiration on the first challenge was clear. Laura said, “On a Study Abroad trip to Italy, the only thing more beautiful than the Italian men was the ITALIAN FOOD! So for my homemade dish, I attempted the classic Spaghetti al Carbonara. This was my first authentic Italian meal upon touching down in Rome, so I wanted to give it a try myself!”

While that special trip was etched in her food memories, her family inspires her, too. With this Food Network experience, it could help keep those family food traditions going.

Laura said, “I come from a huge Irish / Polish family, and to us, traditions are everything. The trailblazer of these traditions is my 91 year old Grandma Jennie, who spends weeks and weeks making a traditional polish dinner every Christmas Eve for all 24 of my closest family members. It’s so important to me and all 10 of my siblings and in-laws to keep those traditions alive. I would LOVE to be able to make polish food for Grandma some day.”

Since she did admit that she wanted to be wife material in the first episode, FoodSided had to know what food or dish that she would make on a special date. Laura said, “A special date with me would include some greasy, pan-fried cheeseburgers and homemade French Fries. Silverware is a formality. If I’m trying to enjoy myself on a special night, I don’t want a meal that I can’t eat with my hands. To really get to know a person you have to know what they look like with their sleeves rolled up diving into a juicy cheeseburger.”

Based on that response, it seems that Laura appreciates good food, even if it gets a little messy. While Worst Cooks in America often shows the mis-steps in the kitchen, these recruits do walk away from the experience learning some good cooking skills.

For Laura, she learned a valuable lesson. Laura said, “Among so many other things, Worst Cooks taught me how to problem-solve. Be it in cooking or any other facet of life, things are gonna go wrong. And when they do, I learned it’s not about the challenges, it’s about how you hand them. How you push through them. How you push yourself to learn and be better.”

More specifically, she learned an important lesson that even some professional chefs get wrong. Laura said, “On an unrelated note, I also learned that when you think you’ve added enough salt, you’re wrong.”

Lastly, FoodSided had to know if there was anything embarrassing in her refrigerator. Although other recruits had some interesting items, Laura’s embarrassing item was quite relatable. Laura said, “Although I learned lots about cooking on the show, I still don’t have any idea how to bake. So at any given time you can find 2-6 packs of store bought cookie dough in my “fresh foods” drawer in the fridge.”

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