This easy pasta recipe will impress every time


Looking for an easy pasta recipe? With just four ingredients, this pasta recipe will have your dinner guests asking for extra servings.

Need an easy pasta recipe? Whether it is a quick weeknight dinner or having friends over for a dinner party, a tasty, yet simple, pasta recipe is always a smart choice. While some people have a sauce or a gravy that it delicious, that type of pasta recipe can take hours to make. With just four simple ingredients and a short amount of time, this recipe will become a staple.

Take a moment to look into the pantry and refrigerator. In most homes, it is likely that there is a box of pasta, eggs, cheese and even some bacon. These four ingredients are staples in many people’s homes. Since shopping the pantry helps to reduce food waste, why not turn these four ingredients into an easy, quick pasta recipe that everyone can enjoy.

In our home, the easiest, often most requested, pasta recipe that everyone loves is pasta carbonara. Originating from Rome, this Italian pasta dish basically has four ingredients, pasta, eggs, cheese and bacon. In some Italian recipes, the bacon isn’t the actual ingredient (pancetta or an Italian cured meat is more commonly used).

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Pasta carbonara is popular in our household for many reasons. First, it has bacon. That crispy, salty, fatty goodness can make any dish just a little tastier. Everything can taste better with bacon.

Second, this recipe is extremely easy and fast to make. Truthfully, the most time consuming part of this recipe is cooking the bacon. Really, this recipe is that simple.

While the internet, cooking shows and cookbooks are filled with various pasta carbonara recipes, the recipe itself is rather easy. First cook the pasta, then toss the sauce in the egg, add bacon and cheese. Lastly, season to taste. The recipe is complete.

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The only part that can be difficult is the egg/sauce step. Beaten eggs are used to coat the cooked pasta, which creates a luscious, rich sauce. The key is to make sure that eggs are just barely set. No one wants scrambled eggs. It is meant to be a sauce.

People enjoy this simple recipe because it can be customized in many ways. If you love spice, add a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce or seasoning. For people wanting a richer sauce, add some cream to the beaten eggs.

Since the recipe is so easy, the novice cook can master a tasty recipe and build her cooking skills. Truthfully, my kids have even mastered this recipe. It is just that easy.

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Whether you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner recipe, dinner party recipe or just wanting a tasty pasta dish, whip up a bowl of pasta carbonara. One taste and you will be hooked on this easy pasta recipe.