Post Cereal goes bigger with its new cereal snacks

New Post Cereal Snacks, photo provide by Post
New Post Cereal Snacks, photo provide by Post /

Post Cereal skips the bowl with these big, new cereal snacks.

From anytime snacking to satisfying a cereal craving, Post Cereal understands that favorite cereals aren’t limited to a bowl at breakfast. With its new cereal snacks, those favorite cereal flavors are available when and where you want them. No milk, bowl or spoon required.

In recent Mintel survey consumers commented that almost 40% of consumers enjoyed cereal as a snack. Additionally, 13% of those surveyed ate cereal on the go. While filling a bag with your favorite cereal is doable, sometimes the smaller pieces aren’t convenient to the snacking moment. Cereal snacking needs a little extra.

Tara LaFerla, Brand Manager Portfolio Innovation at Post Consumer Brands said, “We developed our new PEBBLES Crisps and Honeycomb Big Bites to make it even easier for people to enjoy their favorite cereals anywhere and any time of day. Our new cereal snacks have big flavor and big crunch in a ‘no mess’ form that parents and kids will love.”

As its contribution to the cereal snacking craze, Post Cereal has launched four offerings, Fruity PEBBLES Crisps, Cocoa PEBBLES Crisps, Honeycomb Big Bites and Chocolate Honeycomb Big Bites. Each cereal snack takes the flavors that cereal fans know and love yet transforms them into a more snackable form.

For example, the new PEBBLES Crisps are about the size of a potato chip. The bigger bite makes for bigger enjoyment of the classic flavors. Whether you eat the whole crisp at once or prefer to nibble, everyone has a way to enjoy the tasty treat.

In addition, it is nice to have the option of both the Cocoa and Fruity PEBBLES Crisp. Since sometimes fruity cravings hit and other times chocolate needs to be satisfied, the options bring variety.

Although the PEBBLES Crisps are meant to be enjoyed on their own, they can be used with other treats. From a simple topping to a cupcake to maybe even dipping them in yogurt (like a chip and dip scenario), the options are many for this cereal snack.

Thinking about the Honeycomb Big Bites, many people might instantly think of the nostalgic commercial, honeycombs big, yeah yeah yeah. Even if you don’t remember the commercial, you remember that Honeycombs had a big, flavorful bite.

The Honeycombs could make a tasty addition to a trail mix. If you really wanted to push some flavor boundaries, pair it with some cheese for a really interesting flavor combination.

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The Post cereal snacks will start be available on store shelves. Check with local retailers for pricing and availability.

What do you think of these cereal snacks? What other cereals would make for a great snack option?