Panera kicks off the new year with three new menu items

Panera new menu offerings, photo provided by Panera
Panera new menu offerings, photo provided by Panera /

Move over soup and salad, Panera has three new menu items for your eating pleasure.

While most people have a favorite Panera order, the three new menu additions could make you re-think your usual from the popular restaurant. From two new flatbread pizza options to a new bowl, there is a choice to fit any and every craving.

Recently, the restaurant added flatbread pizza to its menu. The menu addition was well received, but many people asked, where’s the pepperoni? It is now part of the menu.

The new Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza is classic option that appeals to all ages. Combining mozzarella and fontina cheese, the flavors blend perfectly with the pepperoni. Given that the tomato sauce has a hint of sweetness, it seems to satisfy all the flavor profiles.

new Panera menu items include flatbread pizza
New Panera offerings, two new flatbread pizza options on the menu, photo provided by Panera /

If you prefer a cheesier option, the Four Cheese Flatbread Pizza combines Parmesan, mozzarella, feta crumbles and a fontina/mozzarella blend. While the combination of cheese is tasty, the garlic cheese sauce makes it a must try. After one bite of this cheese pizza no one will say that cheese pizza is boring.

While many people will be excited about the two new flatbread pizza options, the Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl is bursting with flavor and good for you ingredients. A skinless chicken thigh is sous vide to ensure create a succulent bite. Combined with citrus, ginger and garlic flavors in the bowl, the long grain brown rice and red & white quinoa are bursting with flavor.  It is definitely a bold combination of flavors and textures.

Looking at the menu, chicken thighs are often used on its menu. Many people believe that chicken thighs are more flavorful than a chicken breast. Also, it tends to pair well with Teriyaki flavors. Overall, this bowl is a flavor win.

Panera Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl
New menu Panera offerings, Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowlphoto provided by Panera /

With these three new menu options, Panera adds variety while still staying within the brand’s core ideas. Fresh, flavorful and thoughtful ingredients are served in a way that appeals to a broad audience. From the busy mom grabbing dinner for the family or the quick lunch bite that satisfies, Panera has a menu option for everyone.

Additionally, Panera understands that families are looking to find value with their purchases. The new Family Feasts are a perfect choice. Each Family Feast features flatbread pizzas and salads. Guests can choose any Flatbread Pizza and either a Caesar Salad or Greek Salad. Two flatbread pizzas and two salads are $23 and three flatbread pizzas and two salads are $29.

By adding the Family Feasts, it is variation of the restaurant meal deal. A good value is always important to consumers. This offering gives families a different option that seems to be a little more nutritionally balanced.

The three new menu items from Panera are a reason to head to your local restaurant to enjoy a taste. And, don’t forget to get a cookie, too. Ending a meal on a sweet note is always a tasty choice.

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What do you think of the new menu items? Will they entice you to make a special visit?