TAZO Calm Bottled Iced Tea brings soothing refreshment

New TAZO Calm Bottle Iced Tea, photo provided by TAZO
New TAZO Calm Bottle Iced Tea, photo provided by TAZO /

It is time to open a bottle of TAZO Calm Bottled Iced Tea.

Sometimes simple moments can be the reset needed during the day. TAZO Calm Bottled Iced Tea can be that simple pleasure to find a break from all the noise. Don’t you deserve a moment to discover what is possible?

From healthy eating to food exploration, many people believe that certain ingredients and food combinations can impact how people feel. Whether it is the antioxidants in certain food or eating enough fruits and vegetables, many people find ways to adapt their eating to make them feel good.

Sometimes, a simple change can be that spark to start a bigger adventure. While no one is saying that a bottle of iced tea will set you on the path of greatness, a few moments to step away from the laptop, the dirty dishes or just the constant call of mom is that time to recharge and reset.

The TAZO bottle iced tea line offers several flavors that look to invoke feelings. By combining certain ingredients, the idea is to allow that simple sip to reveal another layer of what is possible. Sometimes, it just takes a second to see the surroundings in a different light.

The newest flavor, the TAZO Calm Bottled Iced Tea blends ingredients to focus on a soothing sip. The tea combines chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus and spearmint. While many people will be drawn to the floral, citrusy flavors, the ingredients help to bring a calmness to the drinking experience.

While some people just mindless eat, these iced tea blends encourage the idea of being more conscious during the eating experience. Sometimes being more aware of what you are eating is a good thing.

In addition to the TAZO Calm, the bottled iced tea line includes passion, zen and awake. Basically, there is a beverage that fits almost any mood. Each blend was designed to capture those feelings. Although, the tea flavors are just a good of a reason to open a bottle and enjoy.

The TAZO iced tea bottles are “100% USDA organic, non-GMO, and include no artificial colors, with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.” The new TAZO Calm joins the other varieties in January 2021.

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Could your day benefit from a little calm? How do you re-set during the day?