5 tasty reasons to eat more bagels on National Bagel Day

(Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Editor Showcase)
(Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Editor Showcase) /

National Bagel Day is January 15 and there are many tasty reasons to enjoy a bagel.

While a food holiday is a reason to eat, National Bagel Day is a reason to have a bagel at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although people can debate their favorite bagel flavor or even the best bagel topping, most people can agree, life is better with bagels.

Recently, Thomas’ Bagels shared some interesting bagel facts ahead of National Bagel Day. Even though 2020 was a crazy year, bagels saw a big boost in consumption. Last year, more than 198 million Thomas’ bagel packages were sold. It was the second highest year over year consumption increase. Maybe bagels are the new comfort food.

As the number one bagel brand in America, Thomas’ Bagels knows a lot about bagels and people’s bagel preferences. Since the average person eats 11 bagels a year, it seems that everyone has an opinion about that round piece of dough.

Here are five tasty reasons to eat more bagels on National Bagel Day.

It’s ok to be plain

While a finding that most people might not believe, plain is the most popular bagel flavor for Thomas’ Bagels. Although people probably customize that plain bagel with a variety of toppings, the classic, plain bagel is still the most popular flavor.

Toppings get a little cheesy

Even though plain bagels reign supreme, the classic toppings top the list too, Cream cheese, both plain and flavored, as well as butter are the top three toppings.

It is interesting that avocado didn’t make the top 10 list. The combination of avocado and an everything bagel is delicious.

The City of Angeles loves their dough

Although people might think that everyone in Los Angeles only eats greens, Los Angeles is one of the top consumers of grocery store bagel consumption. Other cities include Chicago, Philadelphia and New York.

Making a bagel is a team sport

While today’s bagel making process is different, it used to take four people to make a single bagel. In the 1900s, four bagel makers worked in tandem to make the bagels. From shaping to boiling to baking, everyone worked together to make one bagel.

Bagels bring warmth

In honor of National Bagel Day this year, Thomas’ Bagels is donating $100,000 to Operation Warmth. Through the gift of a new winter coat, the organization hopes to bring confidence and hope to children.

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Whether it is National Bagel Day or just any day, enjoy a bagel. And, you can toast it, cut it or even just eat one right out of a bag. Those preferences are for next year’s celebration.

What is your favorite bagel flavor? How are you celebrating National Bagel Day?