Review: Ninja Foodie NeverStick cookware exceeds expectations

The Ninja Foodie brand cookware is a never-stick product that can change the way you cook.
The Ninja Foodie brand cookware is a never-stick product that can change the way you cook. /

The Ninja Foodie brand markets everything from countertop convection ovens to do-it-all pressure cookers and now they have entered the cookware market.

This year was a Ninja Foodie Christmas as I added their XL oven to my kitchen gadgets and my wife surprised me with the company’s Premium NeverStick Cookware set. I don’t think I will ever buy another set again.

Please note, this is not a sponsored review of the Ninja products and I am not being paid to endorse them. To be quite honest, I simply love the product and own several of the company’s products. You can read my review of the Ninja XL Grill by going here.

I do all the cooking in my home and my pots, pans, skillets, and everything in between are precious to me. They are my little children and when we have family come over to stay for a week or so, I try to hide my favorite dishes from being used by the less skillful chefs who use metal to scrape up my finishes.

Now, I don’t have to worry so much. Foodie brags that their new cookware will not chip, scratch, or stick. While I’m not about to test their claims of chipping and scratching (they say you can use metal on them), I can say that nothing has stuck. Nothing. As in zero.

I consider myself a pretty good cook but there are things that I simply can’t do well and one of those is cooking eggs. I absolutely can’t stand cooking eggs. No matter what temperature I use, the eggs will stick to the sides and bottom of my skillet and I’m spending time soaking and scrubbing them clean. I haven’t had one single egg stick so far and I literally sat and cooked a dozen fried eggs at different temps just to test the “never stick” claim.

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My wife likes to fry cheese because it is part of her “low-carb” diet and that too doesn’t stick.

The pans are made very well with hard anodized material. They are safe for the oven up to 500 degrees and can be taken off the stove and placed in the oven with no wait time. The weight of the pans is not too heavy and surprisingly the lids feel heavier than most lids and are made very well. They have a nice look to them as a set.

The cooking surface underneath is dimpled for even heat distribution and I have noticed that my pans do heat evenly and that the food cooks at the same rate no matter the side of the pan or skillet they are on. This is especially helpful when cooking, I don’t know, a lot of eggs!

If there is a downside it would be that I can’t flip the lids over to store so the handle is facing down. The handle rubs against the bottom of the pan so I have to store them with the lids on correctly. This is a problem for me because of the way I designed my under cabinet storage. I now have to store the lids separately. So it’s a minor inconvenience.

The cookware retails for around $299.00 for the 10 piece set and $399 for the 13 piece set. Throughout the year you can catch them on sale.

Overall, I love this cookware and it has replaced all of my other pots and pans that are now either in the trash, in a donation bin, or hidden away for the next time a family member stays and cooks. As I said, I’m not ready to test the never chip, flake, or scratch claim.