Frito-Lay says that you never have to give up flavorful snacks

New Frito-Lay offerings, photo provided by Frito-Lay
New Frito-Lay offerings, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Keep flavorful snacks in the bowl with Frito-Lay better for you brands.

Don’t give up snacking and flavorful snacks because Frito-Lay better for you brands allow you to snack smarter. Life isn’t about skipping certain food groups. Instead, making a smart choice while enjoying flavorful snacks means that you never have to give up snack time.

For many people, the phrase “Never Gonna Give You Up” is instantly recognizable. As part of the Frito-Lay, “New Year, New You” ad, the infamous Rick Astley helps to make clear that snacking doesn’t have to go away completely.

Check out the new Frito-Lay ad.

While everyone will probably have a good laugh at the ad (and will have that infamous song in their head for hours, the point is clear. Cutting out your favorite snacks completely isn’t required. Instead, a simple swap with a better for you brands means you can still enjoy flavorful snacks.

For example, the Simply Cheetos Puffs are a baked version of the popular Cheetos snacks. It offers all that cheesy crunch (and Cheetle fingers) but it is a better for you option.

The same can be said of the Smart50 popcorn. At just 50 calories per serving, that snack craving is satisfied and there is no concern about too many calories consumed. Whether you like sea salt, white cheddar or want to combine the two flavors, a bowl is waiting to be enjoyed.

While some snackers want to stay with their favorite flavors, getting some extra veggies into the snack bowl can be a great choice, too. Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps are a new take on eating your veggies.

Made with rice, peas and black beans, the chips themselves are packed with rice, peas and black beans. When you look at the chips, all those tasty ingredients are front and center in the chip. Even kids will be happy to eat these veggie snacks.

All the Frito-Lay better for you snacks are available in stores. While the snacks are better options, it doesn’t mean that you should eat the whole bag in one sitting. Even Rick Astley might urge you to give that idea up.

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What is your favorite snack? What’s your best tip for a balanced lifestyle?