Sweet food trends will become your new food obsession

Sweet food trends for 2021, photo provided by Bailey's
Sweet food trends for 2021, photo provided by Bailey's /

From foodie pictures to delectable bites, these sweet food trends deserve to be savored.

Put desserts back on the table because these sweet food trends will be your next have indulgence. Whether you have just a small taste or go all in on the over the top treats, these food delicacies will make everyone’s mouth droll. Life is too short not to eat more dessert.

Recently, Baileys Irish Cream released its 2021 sweet food trends. While the list has 10 items on its food list, a few of those items are too tempting not to have at least a few extra bites. If you are ready to spread the love or enjoy the extra sweet treat, these sweet food trends will be your must follow list for the year.

According to Baileys Irish Cream, the 2021 sweet food trends include the following: “1. Oat Everything , 2. Clashing Combos, 3. Japanese Indulgence, 4. Spread the Love, 5. How’s this for a Glow -up? 6. As Light as Air. 7. Extra Sweet (s), 8. I Should Cacao!, 9. Munch on Mochi and 10. A Drop of Self–care.

Baileys sweet food trends
Baileys sweet food trends, photo provided by Bailey’s /

Looking at this list of sweet treats, a few items look quite exciting. For example, many people love a salted caramel, what about an umami flavor with that cake. For example, Ube doughnuts are becoming more popular. It is more than just that bold purple color.

Also, the idea of glowing desserts could be quite intriguing. With more chefs looking to create visually impressive dishes, the idea of color changing food is more than just some glitter or sparkles on a dessert. Could those color changing cocktails transform into a color changing meal?

While not specifically stated in this sweet food trends report, there is a global flavor influence within all 10 food predictions. From the Japanese souffle pancakes to the mochi desserts, these desserts are not that grandma’s apple pie. Although some flavors could have a connection, the presentation might be different. Sometimes the differences and the similarities are not so far apart.

Overall, this sweet food trends list could be a tasty way to step outside of your comfort zone. Sure that slice of chocolate cake is always tasty, but those puffy snacks that melt in your mouth could be the dessert of your dreams. But, you have to take that first bite.

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What new food are you willing to try this year? How will you break out of your food rut?