McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Menu is a deal too good to miss

(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty images)
(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty images) /

Did you get order the McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Menu?

When that McDonald’s app dinged, did you not believe your eyes? The McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Menu has prices that might make you think it was a typo. These rollback menu prices are such a good deal that Thursday will be McDonald’s day.

Restaurant deals often entice guests to make a special visit. McDonald’s has been leveraging its app to offer these deals. As seen over the holidays, those restaurant deals via the app had many people making a special visit to get those offers.

Now through February 18, McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Menu offers a different menu item for 35 cents or less. While there are few things in life that are under a $1, these throwback prices are definitely worth the special trip.

The throwback menu items include Cheeseburgers, Shakes, Apple Pies and even a Large World Famous Fries. To receive the throwback menu item, guests must make a minimum purchase of $1 on the McDonald’s App.

Looking at these special deals, they are the “extra” to the regular McDonald’s order. Who wouldn’t want a shake to cap off a McDonald’s value meal? It might not be a huge celebrity meal order, but a little extra treat can bring a smile to any day.

By leveraging the McDonald’s App, the company has found a way entice customers to place another order. Even if a guest wasn’t planning on McDondald’s for lunch, that app notification can be the nudge to place an order.

More importantly, the app helps restaurants to streamline the process and be more efficient with fulfilling orders. Since customers want their order prepared quickly and correctly, the app ensures that the whole process is easy for everyone involved.

Don’t miss your chance to try the McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Menu. You don’t have to wear parachute pants, change your hairstyle or show an embarrassing old school picture. Sharing a story about the good old days, is up to you.

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What is your favorite McDonald’s menu item?