Stella Stadium Bites elevates the big game homegating menu

Stella Artois and Blue Apron Big Game recipes, photo provided by Stella Artois
Stella Artois and Blue Apron Big Game recipes, photo provided by Stella Artois /

Make this big game homegating menu a memorable one thanks to Stella Stadium Bites.

Not sure what to serve on your big game homegating menu? Stella Stadium Bites, a collaboration between Stella Artois and Blue Apron is the game changing food order that will make you champion of the kitchen. By handling all the prep and making the food play calls, this homegating menu will bring home a flavor win.

In the past year, many people have expanded their cooking repetriorie. While chips, dips and even chicken wings are always a popular choice for a game day menu, the big game menu needs a special spread. Luckily, Stella Artois and Blue Apron have made it easy.

Since this year’s celebration is a big game homegating menu, football fans (and commercial watchers) are taking a different approach to the event. With the guest list scaled back a little, the menus can be a little more elevated. Instead of just placing another order, home cooks can put all those cooking skills to good use.

Additionally, Blue Apron makes home cooking more efficient. From cutting down on food waste to simplifying the cooking process, the game day menu will definitely score rave reviews with everyone around the table.

As John Adler, VP of Culinary at Blue Apron, said “With Stella Stadium Bites by Blue Apron, we’re excited to help Stella Artois provide this unique menu for football fans to create in their kitchen with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. No one wants to miss a crucial moment, and our recipes are designed to help them plan ahead and ensure they can enjoy delicious food throughout the night.”

Stella Stadium Bites
Stella Artois Stadium Bites menu photo provided by Stella Artois /

The Stella Stadium Bites menu includes: Smoked Gouda & Chicken on Focaccia with Pancetta & Hot Honey, Seared Flank Steak Lettuce Cups with Pickled Peppers & Garlic Dressing, Creamy Pesto & Spinach Dip with Toasted Pita Chips and Pork Chorizo Quesadillas with Cilantro Sour Cream. The menu is available to order through January 29, and it sells for $99.

While the Stella Stadium Bites menu has made the big game homegating menu easy, sometimes the home cook might need an audible in the kitchen. As Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois, said, “Stella Stadium Bites makes game day prep a breeze, and for everyone needing some extra guidance, Eli and Victor are ready to sub in with a virtual play-call to keep you from making any missteps along the way.”

During their Stella Sessions, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning are ready to bring some expert advice for that last minute kitchen audible. After having success on the field for many years, the pair is ready to share some winning commentary.

Victor Cruz said, “I had a blast suiting up, chef-style for the first time ever, with Eli Manning, and breaking down our favorite game day food plays together with Stella Artois.”

If you are ready to bring some big food goals to your big game homegating menu, place an order for the Stella Stadium Bites. The food might be so tasty that you aren’t worried about who won the football squares pool.

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What is your must have big game food item? Have you planned your big game homegating menu yet?