What is Mila Kunis hiding in the Cheetos Super Bowl commercial?

Mila Kunis in Cheetos SBLV commercial, photo provided by Cheetos
Mila Kunis in Cheetos SBLV commercial, photo provided by Cheetos /

Does Mila Kunis hold another clue to the Cheetos Super Bowl commercial?

Two details from the Cheetos Super Bowl commercial have been revealed. It seems that Mila Kunis might be keeping a tasty secret from Ashton Kutcher. In the second teaser reveal, it seems that the popular actress is ready for her close up.

Check out this video teaser for the Cheetos Super Bowl commercial.

While many people might be hoping for a That 70s Show reunion, it does seem that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will be working together on this Cheetos Super Bowl Commercial. How all those pieces come together remains to be seen. Most likely it doesn’t involve a couch in a Wisconsin basement.

Although everyone will have to wait to see what horrible act Mila committed, the interesting part of this teaser is Shaggy’s appearance. With the melody of his song “It Wasn’t Me,” playing in the background, it will be curious to see how his music weaves into the story.

Looking back a recent Cheetos Super Bowl commercials, music tends to play a large part in the story. Case in point is last year’s commercial with the Cheetle hands and MC Hammer song, “You Can’t Touch This.”

If Shaggy’s song, “It Wasn’t Me” is important, it begs the question, who is the person who committed this horrible act. Whether it was stealing a bag of Cheetos, leaving Cheetle hand prints on the couch or only leaving crumbs in the bottom of the Cheetos bag, there could be a plethora of snacking crimes.

Everyone will have to watch Super Bowl LV and see the big reveal. More importantly, remember to have some new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix on hand to enjoy while watching the game.

And, try to focus on solving one mystery at a time. Leave the #FlatMatthew question to the Doritos fans.

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