New funnel cake menus are far from the typical theme park food

Maple Bacon Funnel Cake at Universal Orlando, photo by Cristine Struble
Maple Bacon Funnel Cake at Universal Orlando, photo by Cristine Struble /

The new funnel cake menus will have you re-thinking theme park food.

For many people, a funnel cake is part of the theme park food tradition. That simple recipe of pancake like batter that is fried in oil can captivate the senses. Just the aroma can make your stomach grumble.

While the traditional recipe, smothered with powdered sugar, will always delight, that typical theme park food is getting overshadowed by some over the top, food menu options that will have you full from sampling all the flavor combinations.

Sitting in front of the Animal Actors Show at Universal Studios Florida, the Universal Orlando food truck serves some delectable funnel cakes. While a traditional, sweet funnel cake is on the menu, the more creative flavor options deserve to be savored.

The Maple Bacon funnel cakes take the traditional breakfast flavors in a new direction. The pork belly pieces are succulent as they are scattered on top. Although it isn’t completely covered in pork belly, each piece makes you wish for more.

While the combination of savory and sweet is always delicious, the maple mayo is the ingredient that ties everything together. It is this creative drizzle that is reminiscent of a syrup yet isn’t overly sweet.

Although many people will be drawn to the Maple Bacon funnel cakes because of the pork belly, the Fried Chicken funnel cakes could be your new favorite brunch dish. Just like many people crave chicken and waffles, this dish offers that similar flavor combination.

fried chicken funnel cake at Universal Orlando
Fried Chicken Funnel Cakes at Universal Universal Orlando, photo by Cristine Struble /

The seasoned fried chicken breast offers a nice contrast to the sweet funnel cake. Even though powdered sugar and fried chicken seem an unlikely pair, it does work. If you like honey on fried chicken, try this flavor combination.

In addition, the strawberry sauce is non-traditional. Again, it is an unusual combination that has to be experienced and it will make you happy that you did.

It would be interesting for the Universal Orlando food truck to offer a spicy funnel cake option. Even a spicy maple mayo or even a hot honey option would round out the sweetness in these dishes. Maybe that menu option will be coming for the Mardi Gras event.

While Universal Orlando seems to be using its food trucks to transform traditional theme park food into exciting menu items, it isn’t the only theme park to use funnel cakes to pique foodies interest. Disney has colorful funnel cakes on its Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts menu.

From changing the toppings to altering the funnel cake batter, theme parks could use the funnel cake as a way to push guests’ food experience. While people crave food memories and traditional treats, they are often willing to step out of their comfort zone with the dish has a nod to the familiar. In some ways, a funnel cake might be the new flavor adventure.

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What do you think funnel cake theme park food trend? Do you think funnel cakes will be more exciting that all those churros?