Burger King Bacon King is the best cheat day meal

Burger King Big Bacon, photo provide by Burger King
Burger King Big Bacon, photo provide by Burger King /

When cheat day comes, the Burger King Bacon King is the royal bite that is the crowning achievement for that big feast. Even if you have been resolute in keeping those food and activity changes, sometimes it is time to indulge. If you are ready to have it your way at Burger King, this menu item is waiting for you.

If you aren’t familiar with the Burger King Bacon King, the Burger King menu item is a big bite. It features, two ¼ lb flame-grilled beef patties, melted American cheese and a large portion of thick-cut smoked bacon.

Now, for some people this Burger King menu item is just their preferred order and others might consider it a cheat day special. If you are craving a gigantic bacon, cheeseburger, this menu item is a great choice.

If you can’t handle the Burger King Bacon King, there’s always the $1 Your Way menu.

At the end of last year, the Burger King $1 Your Way menu gained must excitement. The limited time offer includes a variety of menu items for just a $1.

Options like the Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Jr., Value Fries and Value Fountain Drink are included in this special deal. Many people have enjoyed getting a bonus treat for just a $1.

Quick service restaurants have been focusing on value menus, restaurant deals and family meals. These special offerings often entice guests to place another order. When food seems like a great value, many people are willing to skip home cooking. The balance of convenience and value is driving the surge in fast food sales.

Although many of these value menus are meant to be limited time offers, there seems to be a special almost every day of the week. Looking at Burger King, in addition to the $1 Your Way Menu, there is a 2 for $5 Deal, Wednesday Deal and even delivery specials. If savvy consumers will find a way to leverage all these deals.

Even though there isn’t a special on the Burger King Bacon King, many people will want to try that gigantic burger. Sometimes your way is enjoying your favorite food because life is too short to have food guilt.

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What is your favorite Burger King menu item? Do you always order the same food?