Will Buffalo Wild Wings give away free wings on February 7?

Is Buffalo Wild Wings offering free chicken wings for the Big Game, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
Is Buffalo Wild Wings offering free chicken wings for the Big Game, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Buffalo Wild Wings is getting ready for the Big Game on February 7 and there is a reason to head to America’s Sports Bar to watch the game. With the return of the “Overtime Button,” there’s a possibility of free wings for everyone.

For the past three years, BWW Overtime Button puts a big offer on the table. If the Big Game goes to overtime, everyone gets free wings. Although the past two years came close to securing the free wings for everyone, it didn’t happen.

The offer states that if the Big Game is tied at the end of regulation, everyone can get six free boneless of traditional wings on February 22 from 4-7 p.m. local time. The free wings offer is available for dine-in or in-person takeout.

Rita Patel, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings said, “Overtime means more football, and fans deserve every second of extra action they get this year. We’ve come so close the past two years and we can’t wait to see what happens on February 7. This could be the year!”

What are Buffalo Wild Wings free wings odds?

With the Tampa Bay Bucs taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, an overtime scenario could be a possibility. A team has never played in its home stadium for the Big Game. Why couldn’t it end in an overtime?

According to BetMGM, the odds for an overtime Big Game “opened at +900, meaning a $100 bet would pay out $1000 (including stake) if OT happens.” It equates to a 10% chance of getting free wings.

Although there hasn’t been an overtime game this post-season, it could happen. Given all the other unlikely outcomes this year, would you be willing to bet on overtime?

Usually, Buffalo Wild Wings is quite busy during the Big Game. Whether you want to place an order to go or if your local restaurant offers dining, those iconic wings are always a tasty choice. It could be that good luck order that brings you even more wings thanks to that “Overtime Button.”

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What is on your big game menu? Will you be serving some chicken wings?