Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt offers a flavorful start to the day

OUI Oatmeal and yogurt, photo provided by General Mills
OUI Oatmeal and yogurt, photo provided by General Mills /

Combining three flavors into a single spoonful, the Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt is both a delightful breakfast as well as a lovely anytime snack. While some people might remember mom’s saying of oatmeal will stick to your ribs, this layered food option is an evolution of two breakfast classics. Ready to dig for a taste?

Oui by Yoplait has delighted yogurt fans with its approach to a French style yogurt. From its glass pots to the creaminess of its yogurt, the brand encourages people to take a moment to enjoy the yogurt experience. Whether it is that moment of me time or appreciating the simplicity of flavors, the Oui by Yoplait expands the enjoyment of eating yogurt.

Recently, the brand has expanded its line beyond just yogurt. The layered desserts option was quite well received.

Should you say yes to Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt?

In the latest product innovation, the Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt, the brand combines two breakfast staples. With the addition of fruit, it is a flavor combination that many people will want to try.

Although fruit is often combined with both yogurt and oatmeal, the triple combination is a newer idea. While the oatmeal adds a touch of heartiness, the yogurt adds the richness.

Since the food is layered, it is ideal to have one spoonful get equal parts of all the layers. Although, the eating experience is part choose your own adventure. It can be enjoyable to find just the perfect combination of flavors.

Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt new offering from General Mills
OUI Oatmeal and yogurt, photo provided by General Mills /

The Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt comes in four flavor varieties, Apple Cinnamon, Mixed Berries, Strawberries & Cream and Caramelized Banana. All four flavors are classic combinations.

For many people, the Apple Cinnamon would probably be their first choice. The warm spices combined with the oatmeal and yogurt is instantly comforting.

The most exciting flavor is probably the caramelized banana. One thought would be to add some chopped pecans or walnuts on top. It could add another layer of texture.

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The Oui Oatmeal and Yogurt is available in stores now. The suggested retail price is $1.69 per glass pot.

What do you think of this new food offering? What other flavors would you like to see added to the line?