Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese will have your Valentine seeing pink

Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Kraft
Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Kraft /

Could you be tickled pink on Valentine’s Day? The Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese could be the Valentine’s Day food that will have many people turning heads. While many people think that a bowl of macaroni and cheese is their love language, this special offering is a new version that no one could have expected.

This Valentine’s Day, Kraft Mac and Cheese encourages people to say “you’re the mac to my cheese” with this special offer. Some lucky people will receive the Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese kit. The classic food comes with one candy packet which will turn the macaroni and cheese pink and adds a hint of sweet candy flavor.

Now, many people would love pink macaroni and cheese. Colorful food is often trending. If there can be heart shaped pasta, why can’t there be pink mac and cheese?

Is Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese the most colorful Valentine’s Day treat?

The bigger question is the candy flavor. While Kraft had offered a pumpkin spice version previously, the candy flavor is different. While there is a place for sweet and savory, it isn’t often that you see a sweet macaroni and cheese. It will be interesting to see how sweet this dish truly is.

One aspect that could be interesting with this flavor would be to add some spice to the mix. Just like salt brings out sweetness, a little heat could balance the candy flavor. And, spicy food can be an aphrodisiac, which could be a fun idea for Valentine’s Day.

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If you want to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, enter to win a box via The contest ends on February 8 and the boxes will be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

What do you think of this sugary treat? Could it be a new Valentine’s Day tradition?