ALDI Valentine’s Day Cheese Box is the ultimate I love you

ALDI Valentine’s Day Cheese Box, ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI Valentine’s Day Cheese Box, ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

ALDI Valentine’s Day Cheese Box will win over your Valentine.

Even if you still have a few ALDI Advent Wines in the fridge, the ALDI Valentine’s Day Cheese Box will be the must have Valentine’s Day food. Isn’t it time you put your heart on a plate for someone special?

When a holiday approaches, ALDI Finds usually have some of the most creative and tasty food options. Since many shoppers have come to appreciate the savings, foodies have fallen in love with the delicious bites. With creativity, deliciousness and a great deal in a single bite, there is a reason to make a special trip to ALDI.

One of the highlights of the ALDI Valentine’s Day offerings is the Emporium Selection Valentine’s Day Cheese Box. While the box says “you make me melt,” this Valentine’s Day theme cheese offering is perfect for Galentine’s Day, a romantic evening or just a Friday night when you don’t want to cook. Yes, cheese can be your Valentine.

In addition to this cheese box, ALDI has a variety of heart shaped Valentine’s Day Cheese offerings. These special offerings have some creative flavors that people have come to expect from the Emporium line. The Gin and Rhubarb could be a great flavor find.

ADLI Valentine's Day Cheese
ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

If you are looking to create the perfect romantic meal this year, there are many food finds available. From the Reggano Valentine’s Day Pasta to the Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Heart Shaped Cheese Deli Pizza, you might want to start planning your Valentine’s Day celebration early.

Of course, Valentine’s Day often involves at least one sweet treat. Luckily, the ALDI Finds have plenty of Valentine’s Day candy and dessert options.

From the Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Hearts to the Choceur Chocolate Big Box, chocolate lovers will feel the love with these Valentine’s Day treats. Even if you sneak an extra box to enjoy before February 14 no one would blame you. These chocolates are too tasty to resist.

In addition, other popular brands are going to be available. For example, ALDI has the Reese’s Heart Box. It is just one of the popular Reese’s Valentine’s Day candies this year.

Also, there are a variety of dessert options from the Benton’s Shortbread Hearts to cookies, there are many sweet options to end that Valentine’s Day meal. And, you could be a little creative with these treats. Why not use some of the Clancy’s White or Pink Chocolate Covered Valentine Pretzel Hearts as a topping to some ice cream. It could be a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

Like all great ALDI finds, it is best to act quickly before these Valentine’s Day offerings disappear. Many of the offerings will be available starting January 13 through the end of the month.

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Will the ALDI Valetine’s Day Cheese box be the way that you say I love you this year? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day food?