2020 ALDI Advent Calendars are the ultimate holiday cheer

2020 ALDI Advent calendar offerings, photo by Cristine Struble
2020 ALDI Advent calendar offerings, photo by Cristine Struble /

2020 ALDI Advent Calendars are saving the holiday season.

The holidays will be merry and bright thanks to the 2020 ALDI Advent Calendars. While everyone boasts about their best ALDI finds, the holiday season is even better thanks to its various food Advent calendars. Will you be waiting to buy one when the doors open on November 4?

Over the past several years, food Advent calendars have been quite popular. Many major stores offer a variety of options. What started as just a piece of chocolate during the days leading up to Christmas is now a smorgasbord of deliciousness. From wine and beer to cheese and coffee, there is an option for everyone.

This year, ALDI Advent Calendars are even more plentiful than before. As the brand who started the food Advent calendar trend, ALDI continues to stand out in a crowd. From the diversity of options in the box to the value, these food Advent calendars definitely make the holiday season merry and bright.

Before looking at the various options, it is important to remember that you do not have to enjoy each item every day during the Advent season. Of course, you can, but some people might not want a beer or bottle of wine a day.

One way to use these food Advent calendars is to create a sampling party on the weekend. Of course, open each treat on the given day. But, you can create a great cheese board and wine pairing for a delightful Saturday night or easy Sunday afternoon.

Recently, I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at the 2020 ALDI Advent Calendars. As a fan of ALDI wine offerings and its plentiful cheese selection, this year’s offerings are quite impressive. You might want to buy one as a gift to yourself.

This year’s ALDI Advent Wine calendar has 24 different wines in the calendar. The wines vary in both brands and varietal. From some tasty bubbles to robust reds, these wines are a lovely way to try the various ALDI brands.

While I have not opened the calendar, yet, I look forward to making a wine flight with some of the wines. Even though each day is a surprise, it can be fun to combine days. It could be a nice event for Friday night.

Since wine and cheese are always a perfect pair, the ALDI Cheese Advent Calendar features 12 different cheeses. From classic cheddars to flavorful goudas, the cheeses will make the ultimate holiday cheese board.

For this Advent food calendar, each cheese is repeated. If you really like one of the cheeses, knowing that a second one is coming is a good thing.

While ALDI doesn’t necessarily have a wine and cheese pairing for the two Advent calendars, you could create your own. It might be the tasty way to spend the month of December. And, it could be a fun idea to do with your friends virtually. Why not make a poll of everyone’s favorite food combinations.

All the 2020 ADLI Advent Calendars go on sale November 4. If you want to try any of them, it is best to head to your local store quickly. Given their popularity, they do tend to be sold out quickly.

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What is your favorite food Advent calendar? Do you think that these food offerings will make the holidays a little brighter?