DoorDash Game Day Eats: Bring on the cheese and desserts

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From a lucky food to favorite treats, the DoorDash Game Day Eats have shown that football fans are doing homegating in a big, flavorful way. While this year’s big event might look different, everyone will want to have plenty of food and fun for that football watching event. What food is predicted on the DoorDash Game Day Eats menu?

Looking back at the past football season, there have been a few interesting food trends. Although chicken wings, pizza and even sliders are traditional game day eats, it seems that people are ordering a few other items this year.

According to DoorDash, mozzarella sticks were the most order game-night dish. Maybe people have mastered cooking chicken wings at home. Mozzarella sticks are usually a restaurant dish. Not too many people make them at home.

At the same time, there is something quite tasty about mozzarella sticks. It could be the dipping aspect. Then again, who can really resist warm, gooey fried cheese?

Although the mozzarella sticks over chicken wings is a surprising development, another food ordering find was interesting. It seems that during the playoffs more diners were ordering dessert. Whether it was that sweet treat to toast an amazing victory or consolation brownies, cookies weren’t just for closers.

According to DoorDash, churros saw a huge spike in orders. Other desserts, like brownies, banana pudding and flan were popular choices. Do people really eat banana pudding? That order is a little perplexing.

With the big game just around the corner, DoorDash has some advice about the best time to place that food order. It seems that most orders are place either before or right as the game starts.

If you are thinking about that ordering food ordering time frame, you might want to plan accordingly. Hangry football fans may not be a winning scenario.

Whether you prefer to order from a local restaurant or a well-known brand, there are many options available. And, remember to watch those commercials carefully. There’s a special Sesame Street appearance that might remind you to sing that song about your neighborhood.

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What are your plans for the Big Game? Are you going to order in or spend some quality time in the kitchen?