Samuel Adams goes wicked awesome for the Super Bowl

Samuel Adams has a Wicked Plan to Crash the Super Bowl This Year, photo provided by Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams has a Wicked Plan to Crash the Super Bowl This Year, photo provided by Samuel Adams /

Samuel Adams has decided its going to be a wicked awesome year and it is time to celebrate. As some brands deviate from Super Bowl commercials, the iconic Boston Lager is taking a different approach. Even if you don’t have “that” cousin from Boston, you will appreciate this “crash” for the big game.

When people think of Boston or even that iconic Boston Lager, some ideas come to mind. It could be an accent, a turn of a phrase or just a certain idea. Even if you don’t want to laugh, you understand the analogy.

For the New York and Boston area, they will see this wicked awesome commercial, “Your Cousin From Boston Frees the Clydesdales.”

Check out the Samuel Adams commercial airing on February 7.

Although this commercial might be a little far fetched, many people can relate to that cousin who makes questions decisions. Sure, he might be the life of the party. Some of those ideas might not be the best choices in the light of day, but they were fun in the moment.

While the commercial is in good fun, there’s a reason behind the special commercial. It is a way to introduce new beverages. Have you tried the Wicked Hazy or a Wicked Easy yet?

Lesya Lysyj, CMO Boston Beer Company, said, “We’re all-in on the new Wicked range of beers from Samuel Adams and will bring drinkers on a wild ride to experience the rebellious spirit that’s in our DNA, in the name of good fun and good beer.”

Since the Super Bowl is all about celebrating in the moment, it is the perfect time to pop open a Wicked Hazy or Wicked Easy. The Wicked Hazy is a juicy, fruity IPA. With tropical fruit flavors and a smooth finish, this beer will have you entranced with its hazy flavors.

And, if you want the celebration to continue after the game ends, Samuel Adams is selling some “Beer Commercial Championship” merchandise. Available on Game Day, the special commemorative items will benefit Restaurant Strong Fund. That program helps to support the restaurant industry which has been impacted by COVID-19.

After all the angst of the previous year, let’s all raise a toast to that Cousin from Boston. You might not always agree with those decisions, but he does know a thing or two about a great beer. Cheers to that.

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What do you think of the Samuel Adams commercial? Do you have a funny story about a cousin from Boston?