Chipotle Carside gives consumers more access its real food

Chipotle Carside begins testing, photo provided by Chipotle
Chipotle Carside begins testing, photo provided by Chipotle /

Continuing its digital expansion, Chipotle Carside offers a more convenient option for consumers to enjoy their favorite real food. While this first testing program is only available at select restaurants in California, the announcement brings excitement for many Chipotle fans.

In the past year, app orders, delivery and other carside options have become the norm for many restaurants. When dine-in options were limited, restaurants found ways to adapt because people wanted to satisfy those food cravings.

According to Curt Garner, Chief Technology Officer, “Chipotle Carside unlocks a new, highly convenient pick-up experience for guests from our restaurants’ parking lots. As our digital business evolves, we are continuing to explore ways to remove friction and increase access to our real food.”

The Chipotle Carside is starting at 29 California restaurants. While this option is just a test, it seems likely that Chipotle would expand on a larger scale. As long as the company can find an efficient and convenient way to implement this option, the change could have a big impact on the restaurant industry. From the Chipotlanes to the Digital Kitchens, the traditional restaurant no longer looks the same.

Thinking about Chipotle, the company understands that adapting to trends is key to exceeding customers’ expectations. While the convenience factor often drives consumers’ decisions, it is one aspect to the whole experience.

While the delivery of real food is important, the celebrity menu offerings have excited many people to make a special trip to Chipotle. Although the Miley Cyrus offering had a little extra guac, the Shawn Mendes Bowl took a different approach.

The Shawn Mendes Bowl represented a philanthropic entrée. For each Shawn Mendes Bowl sold, Chipotle gave $1 toward the Shawn Mendes Foundation.

While some people chose to order the bowl because of the celebrity connection, the bowl featured the new Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice. The combination of that rice with “black beans, chicken, roasted chili-corn salsa, romaine lettuce, and guac” impressed many people with the flavors.

From the special menu items to adding more delivery options, Chipotle is ready to make the new year an exciting one. Real food is always in fashion.

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What is your favorite Chipotle order? Are you excited for the potential of Chipotle Carside pickup?