Shawn Johnson East believes everyone has Leggo my Eggo moments

L’Eggo with Eggo with Shawn Johnson East and pro football star Mark Ingram II, photo Eggo
L’Eggo with Eggo with Shawn Johnson East and pro football star Mark Ingram II, photo Eggo /

Like many people, Shawn Johnson East grew up with Eggo waffles. As she brings that Eggo tradition to her own daughter, those Leggo my Eggo moments are different. Like many parents can appreciate, it might be time to let go of those breakfast struggles. Are you ready to Leggo your Eggo?

Recently, East partnered with Eggo to encourage everyone, especially parents, to give themselves a pass on those food struggles. Many parents can relate to those morning meltdowns, dinner disasters and a variety of food fights that seem to bring frustration. Eggo is encouraging parents to just let go, take that breath and understand that it will be ok.

As Laura Newman, Marketing Director with Eggo, said “Eggo is often the one thing parents and their kids can agree on during hectic mornings. That’s why we’ve created a new tagline: ‘L’Eggo With Eggo’. It’s time for Eggo to embrace its role as the morning win that it is, because small wins can make parents feel like heroes.”

How does Shawn Johnson East Leggo my Eggo?

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, East shared some of her  Eggo traditions. From her favorite waffle toppings to her daughter’s preferences, that breakfast tradition is going strong.

East mentioned that growing up she was a picky eater. Her Eggo preference was simple. An Eggo Homestyle waffle with a little bit of butter and syrup. She said that she probably ate that food combination for 12 years straight, and no she wasn’t kidding.

While East said that she loved to have her Eggo Homestyle waffle swimming in syrup, she serves her daughter a little different flavor combination. Although East never deviated with her Eggo preference, her daughter, Drew, was started on a different flavor combination.

East mentioned that she serves her daughter an Eggo with some nut butter and a banana. This food combination is something that many parents understand and appreciate.

In many families, Eggo waffles are the easy way for parents to boost some food choices for their kids. Whether it is a banana and nut butter combination or strawberries and Nutella, it can be an easy way to sneak some extra fruit onto the breakfast table.

While the Eggo waffles breakfast tradition might start young, it is a food that tends to grow with people. From bringing back a taste of childhood or just that delicious comforting flavor, it tends to bring smiles to the table.

Additionally, waffles lend themselves to food creativity. East mentioned that her family has served chicken and waffles for dinner. She believes that there are a myriad of ways that waffles can be transformed. From pizza to tacos, waffles hold limitless possibilities.

Soon to be a parent of two, East understands that parents might have unexpected moments. The point of the Leggo With Eggo campaign is to appreciate that those chaotic moments might not be too overwhelming. Finding a way to find the humor, even after the moment has past, can be helpful.

Whether it is the time where East’s daughter threw her food on the floor to feed the dog or just an unexpected moment, being a parent isn’t about being perfect. East suggested that those social media posts might cause parents to have an unrealistic expectation. It is time to take a step back and focus on just being in the moment. Sometimes those vulnerabilities are the best part of being a parent.

If you want to share your Leggo With Eggo moments, Eggo is giving away 1 million waffles in 2021. Eggo’s social media accounts have more information on how to be part of the waffle giveaway.

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Are you ready to Leggo my Eggo this year? How are you learning to appreciate to be in the moment, no matter how chaotic it might seem?