Frito-Lay Super Bowl LV commercial brings together iconic NFL Legends

Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercials, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercials, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

As Super Bowl LV approaches, the Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial is full of NFL legends. These football greats might not be battling on the field, but everyone is excited for the big game. Could the “Twas The Night Before Super Bowl” be the ultimate football fantasy?

Frito-Lay snacks and football have been a winning combination. From team specific bags to the season kick-off commercial of “Twas the Night Before Kickoff,” the celebrated snack brand understands that football and snacks are always a winning combination.

With Super Bowl LV, the brand took a different approach to its commercial. Joining together several legendary football players, this commercial proves that players and fans will always have a love of the game.

How many Super Bowl rings are in this Frito-Lay commercial?

Recently, the brand revealed the latest commercial. While many people are waiting to see Flat Matthew and are wondering if it really was Mila Kunis who ate that Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, this commercial is more about celebrating those iconic moments. Even if the jersey is a little tighter and the memory might be a little faded, the stories of those iconic moments are etched in everyone’s memories.

As Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay North America, shared, this commercial is more than just featuring America’s favorite snacks. By bringing together all of these NFL legends, the brand wanted “to show the excitement and joy that players and fans alike have around the Super Bowl and do it in a fun and unexpected way that we hope puts a lot of smiles on people’s faces when they see it.”

Here’s a glimpse of the commercial.

As seen in the spot, the Manning brothers have some sibling chatter. Terry Bradshaw recreates a new version the iconic Immaculate Reception. And, a few more memorable moments make the highlight reel.

Although many football fans would love to hear those behind the scenes conversations or get some insight into those NFL Legends favorite snacks, this commercial tends to capture the feeling that many people crave right now. There is a sense that everything will be alright in the end. Even in the most difficult times, there are happy memories that push people forward. There is a smile waiting to be uncovered.

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Which Super Bowl LV commercial are you most excited to see? Do you think that the commercials will be more exciting than the game?