Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show expands beyond the field

Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show 2021, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show 2021, photo provided by Pepsi /

Putting aside the Brady versus Mahomes battle on the field, the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show is the other highly anticipated performance from The Weeknd. While that 12 minutes performance will have many people entranced, Pepsi and The Weeknd are extending that experience. Now, the world’s biggest stage opens even sooner.

This year, the halftime show is a full campaign. As seen in the first commercial, The Weeknd was getting ready for the experience. Now, he is taking the field in “The Walk,” Since many people would like to step into his shoes, a new augmented reality experience brings everyone into that once in a lifetime moment.

Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing – Pepsi, said “This year, we turned a 12-minute performance into a six-week immersive experience that brings fans closer to The Weeknd like never before as he prepares to perform on the world’s biggest stage – the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. With our introduction of ‘The Walk,’ new augmented reality experiences, and an ongoing look behind the scenes, we are hoping that fans will continue to ramp up their excitement and anticipation for his performance.”

What can fans expect from the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show?

As more and more details are revealed, the interactive nature of this year’s performance makes it more than just watching an amazing performer on the screen. With many people longing to sit in person and enjoy a live performance, this immersive experience is a great alternative.

The Weeknd is known for his unique story lines and his innovative vision. If the preview clips are any indication, this Pepsi Super Bowl LV Performance could be one of the most memorable.

To bring the fans even closer to the action, Pepsi is launching many programs. From giving away parts of the actual show via the #TakeHomeHalftime on Twitter to TikTok challenges to even special emojis, there are many ways for fans to immerse themselves into the Super Bowl Experience.

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Super Bowl LV is Sunday, February 7 and has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing the Kansas City Chiefs. The game begins at 6:30 p.m. EST.

What are you most excited to see on Super Bowl Sunday? Are you more interested in the food?