Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk is perfect for picky eaters

Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk, photo provided by Ripple
Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk, photo provided by Ripple /

Parents and picky eaters can be a meal time struggle. With the new Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk, the beverage battle is tabled for another time. From good nutritional choices to a great taste, everyone will be excited to drink another glass of milk.

Some people grew up drinking milk at every meal. From the cereal bowl to the drink with dinner, milk was a beverage staple.

Over the years, milk preferences have changed. From allergy concerns to food lifestyle choices, dairy milk might not be the right choice for every family.

The new Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk is a “100% vegan, milk alternative.” The beverage was “developed with pediatricians” and special care was made to support nutrition for children ages one to five. From prebiotic fiber to plant based protein, the Ripple product was created to cover many components that parents want in the beverages that they serve their children.

Will your kids like Ripple Plant-based Kids Milk?

While parents will appreciate that this Ripple beverage has ½ the sugar of dairy milk, kids just want a great tasting beverage. With special attention made to create a smooth, creamy beverage, kids will be happy to enjoy a glass.

Like many Ripple products, the brand looks to make conscious decisions about its ingredients. For example, the use of yellow peas creates a smaller environmental footprint. Although taste is always paramount, being a thoughtful brand is important to consumers.

Sometimes incorporating new food choices into a child’s diet does take time. A gradual approach to change can make the change easier. Just like retraining a palate, small adaptations are less jarring. Whether it is adding some of this milk to a cereal bowl or a swap at just one meal, little changes can turn into bigger ones.

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Ripple Plant-Based Kids Milk is available at Target and Whole Foods.

Have you incorporated more healthy eating options into your family’s eating choices? What advice do you have about making a food change?