The ultimate Rocky Road collection is an ice cream dream come true

EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S
EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S /

For some ice cream lovers, Rocky Road is the perfect ice cream flavor. The combination of luscious cream with folded pieces of nuts and candy makes for the ultimate bite. Now, EDY’s (Dreyer’s) has created the ultimate Rocky Road collection.

Did you know that EDY’s (Dreyer’s) created the Rocky Road ice cream flavor almost 100 years ago? What started as a combination of marshmallows and walnuts folded into chocolate ice cream changed to almonds, but the concept of various flavors and texture stuck.

It is said that the name is a reference to the stock market crash and its impact on the economy. For many people, ice cream can be that simple pleasure which makes all the other difficulties seem less burdensome.

Could the ultimate Rocky Road collection lead to a path of deliciousness?

EDY’s (Dreyer’s) has decided to celebrate that iconic ice cream flavor that has all the tasty mix-ins. In addition to featuring three favorite flavors, the brand is introducing three new flavors. Whether you eat one, many or all of the them, it can be hard to pick just one as a favorite.

The three new flavors are: Salted Caramel Pretzel Path, Brownie Brick Road and Cookie Cobblestone. These ice cream flavors join The Original Rocky Road, Mocha Almond Avenue and Chocolate Peanut Butter Park.

Rocky Road ice cream flavors from EDY's (Dreyer's)
EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY’S /

Looking at the three new flavors, the Cookie Cobblestone is the perfect bite. It combines chocolate sandwich cookies, swirls of marshmallow, cookie dough and chocolate ice cream. If you have ever thought of combining all the desserts into one spoonful, this ice cream makes it happen.

For a little more elevated option, the Salted Caramel Pretzel Path is that ice cream flavor that makes you wonder, how did they create that flavor. The salted caramel ice cream has fudge swirls and chocolate covered toffee. With pieces of chocolate covered salted pretzels folded into the mix, each spoonful reveals another tasty surprise.

With six different flavors in the collection, you could open a new pint every day and combine all six options on Sunday. Although an ice cream bracket throw-down might be a little difficult, you will want to taste all the ice creams to decide which is your favorite.

The EDY’s (Dreyers) Rocky Road Collection is available in 1.5 Quart containers and select flavors are available in 14 oz containers. Check with your local retailer for availability.

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What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you prefer a lot of mix-ins or do you prefer a simple, plain ice cream?