Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer has America’s Oldest Brewery soaring high

Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer, photo provided by Yuengling
Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer, photo provided by Yuengling /

America’s Oldest Brewery has just added a new beer to its line, the Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer. While the beer brand is steeped in history and tradition, this new beer launch seems to be a departure. Although Yuengling has numerous beers in its portfolio, this fruit forward beer offers a refreshing sip. Ready to take the next beer adventure?

Beer trends can go in various directions, but recently flavors tend to focus on fruit flavors. Incorporating tropical flavors seem to offer beer drinkers a beverage escape from the norm.

According to Jen Yuengling, 6th generation brewer D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., “We saw an opportunity to leverage our six generations of brewing expertise to create a refreshing mango beer that appeals to adventurous drinkers and adds a bold new brand to our portfolio of iconic beers. Raging Eagle Mango Beer feeds into the passion and energy of the 21-35 young adult who is often surrounded by friends and itching to embark on new and unique adventures.”

Are you ready to soar with Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer?

This Yuengling beer is a 6.0% ABV beer, Brewed with classic hops, it incorporates mango freshness. As stated by the brand, the new beer offering is based on consumer feedback. It appears that Yuengling fans wanted a bold, fruit forward, crisp option that contrasted other beers in its line-up. This beer is a far departure from the Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter.

Thinking about this beer addition, it does round out the Yuengling line-up. From the traditional lager to the lighter Flight by Yuengling, it shows that America’s Oldest Brewery is always looking to evolve while staying true to its identity.

The Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer is available in 24 ounce cans where other Yuengling beers are sold across its 22 state footprint.

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What do you think of the new Yuengling beer? Do you want to pop open a can?