Jimmy John’s goes to battle with the King of Cold Cuts

Jimmy John's Super Bowl Commercial, photo provided by Jimmy Johns
Jimmy John's Super Bowl Commercial, photo provided by Jimmy Johns /

While the Super Bowl might be the battle of the football greats, Jimmy John’s is throwing down in another battle. In the ongoing sandwich wars, who will reign as King of Cold Cuts?

With many Super Bowl commercial previews, everyone is excited to see the creativity behind the story lines. While the idea is for customers to make a purchase, sometimes the food story resonates even more. Finding a way to make that connection is the most important part to any creative tale.

In the Jimmy John’s Super Bowl commercial, Tony Bolognavich (Brad Garrett) is bothered by that his hugely popular sandwich competitor. Is it time for someone to sleep with the fishes?

While the Super Bowl commercial is humorous, the restaurant brand has a clear point. It is about setting its sandwiches apart from the competition. In a world of blandness, flavor and ingredients need to stand out. Through high quality, customizable and reasonably priced food, the brand has built a loyal following.

Granted, Tony Bolognavich might be trying to sabotage the competition. He might not be happy with others who prefer the Jimmy’s John sandwich to his. Hidden in the humor is the whole point. Taking that first bite could lead to many more.

Can Jimmy John’s title the “sandwich of sandwiches” make people switch?

Super Bowl commercials are all about a big moment on the big stage. Granted, many people happily order a Jimmy John’s sandwich with their preferred toppings and food combinations. Beyond the Brad Garrett character, the brand is debuting another change.

While it has always been known for its fast delivery, there is now a new logo. As customers start to see these changes roll out in stores, there is a new sandwich that will entice everyone to make a special visit.

The Smokin’ Kickin’ Chicken sandwich is a new limited time offer. The national roll-out of a chicken menu item once again shows that the chicken wars are still ongoing. In addition, it is a nod to the spicy food trend, too. It seems that Jimmy John’s is ready to take on the quick service restaurant competition and earn that coveted title.

As the laughter fades when the commercial ends, will it entice you to place an order for a Jimmy’s Johns sandwich? If you are craving some hot, fresh bread, tasty cold cuts or even that new spicy chicken sandwich, then the Super Bowl commercial worked.

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Are you a restaurant brand loyalist or do you order based on a great deal? What entices you to make an order?