How many millions of pizzas were sold on Super Bowl Sunday

Pizza Hut Detroit Style Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Detroit Style Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

This year National Pizza Day falls right after Super Bowl Sunday. Since pizza is often a favorite football food, it makes sense that many, many pizzas were sold on Sunday. But, can you guess how many millions?

According to Pizza Hut, the company sold “1.4+ million pizzas” this past Sunday. Whether it was the Tastemaker, the new Detroit Pizza or just a classic hand-tossed, many people were enjoying a slice or two while watching the Buccaneers take down the Kansas City Chiefs.

With all those many orders, one food finding was surprising. According to Pizza Hut, “more than 75% of one-topping pizzas sold on Super Bowl Sunday were pepperoni.” While people will continue to debate the best pizza topping, it seems that pepperoni is the current reigning champion.

Truthfully, if you haven’t tried the new Detroit pizza with the special pepperoni cups, it might make you a pepperoni loyalist. The slightly more spicy taste and the unique shape that holds all that fresh tomato sauce is a game changer.

Even if you had pizza during the big game, National Pizza Day can be a great excuse to order pizza again. Sometimes Taco Tuesday needs to take a hiatus to a National Pizza Day. If you are really craving taco flavors, you could add some of those toppings to a pizza. Just skip the guacamole as a topping. Leave that dip for the chips.

What are some of the best pizza deals for National Pizza Day?

Of course, Pizza Hut’s $10 Tastemaker is a great choice for the food holiday. Between the value and the satisfying bite, it delivers. You might want to order a second one to have some pizza for breakfast.

Blaze Pizza has a few pizza deals for the food holiday. Two large one topping Blaze pizzas are just $20. That offer is available for delivery, curb-side and carry-out.

Also, Casey’s General Store, the nation’s fifth largest pizza chain, is offering a special deal for the entire month of February. All large pizzas are one buy one get one half off. Maybe Valentine’s Day dinner will be pizza.

National Pizza Day is an excuse to eat more pizza. If you haven’t had a slice yet, maybe you could start making dinner plans now.

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What is your favorite pizza? Do you always order the same pizza?