Is there really a feta shortage at your local grocery store?

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Have you seen a feta shortage? Since TikTok and food trends are the perfect pairing, another TikTok recipe has caused a stir in the food word. If you haven’t tried the baked feta pasta recipe, you might want to add it to the weekly menu. But, there might be one little problem. Where’s the feta?

Recently, a TikTok video for baked feta pasta recipe has taken over people’s feeds. Similar to the whipped coffee and even the simple cake recipes, TikTok has become food lovers inspiration. The easy recipes show that many people can become a good home cook.

With this particular recipe, a handful of ingredients are transformed into a luscious, comforting dish. The recipe includes pasta, cherry tomatoes and a block of feta. Basically, the recipe is combining all the ingredients and letting it bake. It is so simple that even your kids can help make it.

Why is there a feta shortage?

Whether it is home cooks wanting a simple recipe or people just craving comfort food, this TikTok food trend has people searching for feta. With all the chilly weather, this pasta recipe might be that bite that warms the soul.

Recently, Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trend Expert shared some insight on the trend. Romaniuk said, “According to Instacart data, ‘feta’ is currently the number one trending search term on the marketplace. We also noticed that other ingredients from the viral baked feta pasta dish are trending right now with searches for ‘cherry tomatoes’ and ‘basil’ breaking into the top ten searches on the platform. We believe the tremendous increase in searches for these ingredients is largely due to consumers eagerly wanting to try the baked feta pasta TikTok recipe for themselves. It seems to be the perfect, easy-to-make meal for a cozy night at home this winter, and I’m personally excited to try it soon!”

With so many people searching for these ingredients, it seems that there is a feta shortage. Since the recipe requires a block of feta, it can be a little harder to find than feta crumbles. Although it will not be like those other household shortages, it might just be a little delay in getting that cheese in your refrigerator.

If you are thinking about making this recipe, it is important to find a quality feta. A sheep’s milk, firm Greek feta would be a great choice. The sheep’s milk tends to be less sour and less crumbly than a cow’s milk variety.

Also, choose the pasta wisely. A shorter pasta is better than a long noodle. For example, a rigatoni would be a great option.

Lastly, remember to season the dish well. Just like any recipe, proper seasoning is key to creating layers of flavor. From a quality olive oil for the cherry tomatoes to fresh herbs, a simple recipe needs good ingredients.

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Even if there is a feta shortage right now, don’t forget about this recipe. It could be that comfort food dish that you go back to time and again.