Joe Lo Truglio celebrates the camaraderie spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Joe Lo Truglio shares how he and Jameson are celebrating St. Patrick's Day photo provided by Jameson
Joe Lo Truglio shares how he and Jameson are celebrating St. Patrick's Day photo provided by Jameson /

While many people know Joe Lo Truglio for his characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other projects, the talented actor appreciates that good friends make for a full life. Although the old Irish proverb, “a good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have” might be a little cheeky, the sentiment seems to be even more prevalent around St. Patrick’s Day.

Although the most recent St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have not been as spirited as years in the past, the Irish holiday is a time to reconnect with friends and family. Everyone might not be saying Slainte from their favorite barstool, but they can raise a glass of Irish whiskey in other ways.

Recently, Joe Lo Truglio spoke to FoodSided about his St. Patrick’s Day traditions, why his friendships have grown stronger over the years and how Jameson thinks that everyone should take St. Patrick’s Day off.

Why does Joe Lo Truglio love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

For Truglio, the Irish holiday is special for many reasons. Since he is part Irish, he feels a special connection to the Irish culture and traditions. While he did have his first kiss with his wife on St. Patrick’s Day, that romantic moment is only one of the many reasons why he raises a glass of Jameson for this Irish celebration.

Truglio said, “best part of that day is seeing your friends, laughing, telling stories, and hanging out.” While he appreciates that the celebrations will take a virtual turn, those good times are still to be had. Whether it is taking that St. Patrick’s Day Off, per Jameson’s suggestion, or just taking a moment to re-connect, there is no better time than to step away from the to-do list.

As seen in this video, Truglio is going all in this St. Patrick’s Day with his friend Retta Sirleaf. Don’t you deserve St. Patrick’s Day off?

While not everyone will be taking a socially distant burrow to a canyon to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to reconnect with friends and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day off. More importantly, it can be a time to think back about the time spent together and why those friendships are so meaningful.

Truglio shared stories about his mother and her siblings. The traditional Irish folk songs that were part of his family’s traditions have woven their way into his celebrations. Although his group of friends might not be gathering at McCoy’s Pub in New York this year, he can raise a glass and appreciate some accordion influenced folk songs via a virtual gathering.

In some ways, Truglio believes that the past year has drawn him closer to some of his friends. While he used to have poker games in the back of his favorite bar, now those weekly games are virtual. At the same time, more of his friends can make that poker game because of the virtual aspect. Granted the screen may not be the same as the in person connection, but people can still foster that sense of togetherness.

That idea of staying connected is one of the reasons why Truglio partnered with Jameson. While he enjoys a Jameson on ice, it is more than just sipping on that Irish whiskey this St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone needs to take a moment to step back from the chaos of the world and enjoy that spirited time with friends. Those moments of laughter and the stories that will be told for years to come are what makes the St. Patrick’s Day traditions so dear.

As Truglio noted in his final remarks, everything does come to an end, but everyone should not forget how they got there. There have been silver linings in the past year even if everything looked like an upside down view of the Blarney Stone.

This St. Patrick’s Day, discover your gift of gab, take the day off, raise a glass of Jameson and say Slainte to good friends and good memories.

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What is your St. Patrick’s Day tradition?