Skittles Gummies are here for you to experience a new flavor rainbow

Skittles Gummies, photo provided by Skittles
Skittles Gummies, photo provided by Skittles /

Skittles is always looking to innovate and the new Skittles Gummies will have candy fans racing to the store for a taste. While the classic Skittles candy isn’t departing the candy shelf, the gummy candy brings a new texture to the flavors. Is a chewy rainbow more satisfying?

Candy trends are constantly changing. While sour flavors have been quite popular, gummy candies have found prime space on store shelves. Although gummy candies have been around for a very long time, new flavors and brands keep the candy type exciting.

While Skittles has innovated with flavors, like bringing back the Skittles Smoothies, the different type of candy is new. In some ways, the gummies could tap a new audience for the fruity candy.

What do Skittles Gummies taste like?

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new Skittles Gummies. Available in both Original and Wild Berry, it is clear that the flavor mimics the classic candy that everyone knows. From the tart lemon to the green apple, all those favorite flavors are there.

The difference with the gummies is that it is more of one at a time eating scenario instead of grabbing a big handful. But, you can make a few flavor combinations. Orange and lemon make a tasty treat as do strawberry and lemon.

While many people will gravitate to the original flavors, the Wild Berry deserves to be added to the cart. Although the melon berry can be divisive, the berry punch is the flavor that you will search out of the bag. Combining the berry punch with the wild cherry is quite tasty.

The new Skittles Gummies will be hitting Walmart store shelves this month. Additional retailers will have the candy available in May.

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Are you ready to enjoy the gummy rainbow? Skittles Gummies are here, and it is time to enjoy a bag.