Skittles Smoothies are back and you need to buy two bags

Skittles Smoothies return, photo provided by Skittles
Skittles Smoothies return, photo provided by Skittles /

After a long hiatus, Skittles Smoothies are back.

Ready to taste a new rainbow? Skittles Smoothies are coming back to the candy aisle. This new and improved candy will have you searching for that pink bag of tasty candy. Which smoothie flavor will be your favorite?

For some candy fans, they will remember those 2005 Smoothies Mix from Skittles. Referred to as the Disco’d Smoothies Mix, the candy flavors included Strawberry Banana, Lemon Berry, Mixed Berry, Peach Pear and Orange Mango. Basically, the candy borrowed classic smoothie flavors and incorporated them into the candy.

While these flavors sound like a smoothie, the candy does not contain dairy. In some Skittles candy magic, the sweet treat has a creamy-yogurty flavoring ingredient that mixes perfectly with the fruit flavoring ingredient. Basically, it brings that smoothie flavor without the straw or the brain freeze.

Although retro candies and nostalgic flavors are trending, these Skittles Smoothies are not the old-school 2005 flavors. The new candy offering has gotten a flavor upgrade.

The 2020 candy five fruity flavors are: Strawberry Banana, Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach Guava and Mango. While the majority of flavors are traditional, one flavor really stands out.

The peach guava is the most intriguing of the five flavors. While guava has become more common, the combination with peach is different. Sometimes guava can have a pear or sweet strawberry taste. Combining that with the peach could be a new flavor experience for a lot of candy fans.

It is nice to see that Skittles is pushing the flavor envelope a little in this new candy offering. Although the candy isn’t as extreme as last year’s Zombie Skittles, it is nice to see some new flavor combinations put into the mix.

The new Skittles Smoothies will be hitting store shelves in August. The candy will be available in singles, shareable size (4 oz) and sharing size (15.6 oz).

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What do you think of the new Skittles Smoothies? Will you be searching stores to find a package?