Peaches and Cream, a craving for a delicious, simple summer dessert

Cheryl's Peaches and Cream cookies, photo provided by Cheryl's Cookies
Cheryl's Peaches and Cream cookies, photo provided by Cheryl's Cookies /

Looking for delicious, simple summer dessert? A peaches and cream dessert is perfection.

Seasonal, summer fruits are bursting with flavor. A simple summer dessert that features summer fruit is peaches and cream. With so many options to enjoy, sometimes it can be a fun to taste them all. Are you ready to get eating?

June celebrates peaches. After the summer solstice, everyone is thinking about summer flavors, food and recipes. Even though there has been a huge baking trend, summer can be the time to focus on simple, easy recipes.

Peaches and cream are probably one of the easiest recipes and flavors that anyone can make. With the juiciness of the fresh, ripened peaches, that fruit needs to shine. Why cover up all that flavor with extra ingredients?

Thinking about fresh peaches, that fruit can be served a variety of ways. Besides just cutting up into slices, a half of peach can be grilled. The touch of char from the grill can highlight the juiciness of the fruit.

Or, the peaches can be slightly sautéed, baked into a pie or a variety of other options. In some cases, the peaches can even pair nicely with some herbs, like lemon-thyme works well. Peaches can even be used in a caprese salad.

Still, the peaches and cream dessert is a classic. Whether served at a barbecue, weekday dinner or just because, it is a tasty treat.

Thinking about this dessert, there are a variety of options. A simple idea could be just sautéed peaches and vanilla ice cream. Even Breyers an ice cream based on these flavors. The peaches can even be grilled for a bolder flavor.

Since a great dessert offers a variety of textures, consider a cookie to add to the mix. For example, Cheryl’s Cookies offers a Peaches and Cream cookie that is perfect for summer desserts.

The Cheryl’s Cookies Buttercream Frosted Peaches and Cream Cookie is a buttermilk cookie that has both peach preserves and dried peaches. The cookie has vanilla cream frosting with dried peach pieces on top.

While these cookies are delicious on their own, they can added to a simply homemade dessert. Consider adding some vanilla ice cream for a cookie ice cream sundae or an ice cream sandwich. It is a tasty dessert that doesn’t require baking.

If you are looking to enjoy a taste of summer, enjoy some peaches and cream. The delicious, simple summer dessert is always a tasty treat.

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What is your favorite way to enjoy peaches and cream? Do you know a favorite summer dessert that FoodSided should share?