6 baking essentials that you didn’t know that you needed

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Even the master baker needs these six baking essentials.

As more people enjoying baking, these baking essentials could make you feel like a master baker. While many people are looking for that easy baking hack, the right kitchen essentials are equally important. Even the best recipe is the sum of its ingredients.

When thinking about baking essentials, there are a few kitchen tools that can make any baking recipe a little better. While the ingredients are key, how those ingredients go from recipe to the table is equally important.

First, the right pans are important to ensure the best baking. If those non-stick baking pans have too many scratches or have seen better days, it could be a time for an upgrade.

For all those people who are baking bread, the Anolon Advanced 2-Piece Loaf Pan is a great choice. It has non-stick inside and outside which helps with quick cooking and cleaning.

Or, if you are really looking to whip up all types of baked treats, consider buying the Anolon Advanced 5 Piece Bakeware Set. This set includes two 9-inch round cake pans, a 9-inch square cake pan, a large 14×16-inch cookie sheet, and cooling rack. For just $59.99, the set offers everything that the budding baker needs.

With the bakeware set, it is important to think beyond the pan. Many bakers understand that Silpat is a great kitchen tool to help with baking. From cookies to even candy, a Silpat is a must have in the kitchen.

Since some cookie and other pastry recipes need a smooth surface to roll out that dough, the perfect pastry mat is a great idea to have in the kitchen. The pastry mat is the ultimate baker’s helper. From measurements to guidelines, this workstation will help the baker stay on task.

For the cookie baker, the perfect cookie baking mat is great. With the evenly spaced indents, there is no more guessing cookie sizes (or those cookies that seem to meld into one big cookie). And, unlike parchment paper, the cookie baking mat can be used over and over.


Beyond cookies, the Silpat has created some non-stick molds that can make quick work of brownies and muffins. No more need for those paper cups, these molds ensure that brownies and muffins come out clean every time. The Perfect Brownie mold and the Mini Muffin Mold retail for $59.95.

Lastly, the other baking essential that is needed isn’t an obvious choice. It is an ice cream scoop, preferably a small one. If you have ever watched a baking show, you will see bakers using a scoop to fill those cupcakes and muffins. It is much easier to scoop and fill without spilling. While there are baking specific scoops, a small ice cream scoop works well, too.

These six baking essentials are great additions for anyone who is baking. From novice to expert, the right kitchen tools can make a difference.

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What are you must have kitchen tools? Do you have a great baking tip to share?