Burger King Sourdough King is back, but for how long

Burger King Sourdough King, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King Sourdough King, photo provided by Burger King /

Get your crown polished because the Burger King Sourdough King is back on the menu. While the fan favorite has reappeared, everyone better satisfy their craving quickly. The limited time offering will disappear before you realize it.

While the chicken sandwich announcements seem to be everywhere, Burger King is putting this burger front and center. The Sourdough King is all about that tangy flavor from the toasted sourdough slices. From the slight crunch to the combination of flavors, it is a bite to remember.

If you aren’t familiar with Sourdough King, it is a ¼ pound flame-grilled patty, which is topped with American cheese, smoked bacon, ketchup and mayonnaise. While you can customize this BK menu offering your way, this flavor combination is the classic choice.

The BK Sourdough King will be available now through April 19 at participating restaurants.

Can you get a free Burger King Sourdough King?

While many people will be happy to pay for that favorite Burger King Sourdough King, some people will receive a free sandwich. According to BK, anyone with a silent “G” in their name will get a free sandwich. The free sandwich will be available via the BK app.

What names have a silent “G?” Usually, words that have “g” before “n” do not pronounce the “g.” While a gnu is probably not receiving a free food, it is more than just guys named “Hugh” who will receive the free food.

The Burger King Sourdough King return is another example of the quick service restaurant looking to elevate its menu offerings. By putting the focus on real food, BK hopes to set itself apart from others in the quick service restaurant world. From the upcoming hand-breaded chicken sandwich to the commitment to food quality, having it your way at BK is woven into everything the brand does.

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What do you think of the return of the Burger King Sourdough King? Are you excited to get a taste before it is off the menu?