OREO’n Cold Brew marches in as Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month

OREO ‘n Cold Brew, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
OREO ‘n Cold Brew, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

For coffee and OREO lovers, the OREO’n Cold Brew could be the best food news for the month. As the March Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month, the bold ice cream is medley of flavors and textures. What can you expect from this brewing good ice cream treat?

Usually the Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month has a connection to a holiday or food event. The OREO’n Cold Brew gives a nod to the popular food holiday, National OREO Cookie Day. However you eat or play with that iconic cookie, this ice cream treat might be a tasty way to celebrate.

In honor of National OREO Cookie Day on March 6, Baskin-Robbins is offering a special deal. When ordering via the mobile app, guests will get $2 off a medium OREO’n Cold Brew Milkshake.

Made with the  cold brew flavored ice cream, the March Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month is more than just a creamy, coffee forward ice cream. The OREO cookie chunks and crispy chocolate cookie ribbon adds to the decadence in every bite.

The combination of the creamy coffee with the crunchy cookies makes this Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor a huge hit. While it can be blended into a milkshake, this ice cream flavor would be delicious in an ice cream cake. Just think of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration with this ice cream flavor in one of the iconic Baskin-Robbins cakes.

Looking back at recent Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month offerings, many of the ice cream flavors feature either chocolate or cookies. The February offering showcases chocolate in its Love Potion scoop and cookies were featured for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. While food holidays are often a reason to celebrate, Baskin-Robbins turns the celebration from just one day into a whole month.

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For now, if you love cold brew and OREO, head over to your local Baskin-Robbins for a scoop, shake or sundae. It could be the sweet way to keep your month brewing strong.