Buffalo Trace Distillery raises a glass to Bottled in Bond Day with a special bourbon

Buffalo Trace limited edition blend, photo provided by Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace limited edition blend, photo provided by Buffalo Trace /

As you slowly sip the nuanced Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon, do you think of the history behind that bourbon. While many people might recall the Prohibition Era and might appreciate that bourbon is America’s liquor, there is another law that impacts that favorite golden liquor. Do you know the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897?

Colonel E.H. Taylor is often referred to as the Father of Modern Bourbon Industry. While the description bourbon aristocrat has a lofty sound, Taylor had a strong hand in ensuring the integrity of the bourbon that people drink today.

With a history lesson ahead, it is best to pour a glass of Buffalo Trace and appreciate the smooth, nuanced flavor. If it wasn’t for the Bottled in Bond Act, that authentic whiskey that people enjoy might be mixed with more ingredients that just various blends.

In the late 1800s, some sellers would put additives in their whiskey. Although some people might understand the “adding” to extend the liquor in the bottle, it isn’t right. No one wants a bottle of tea when they purchased a bottle of whiskey.

With the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, the bottle is marked so that everyone knows that the liquid inside is the authentic product. To achieve this label, the whiskey must have the following:

"The product of one distillation season (January-June or July-December)"

"Aged in a warehouse for at least four years"

"Bottled at 100 proof"

"Include the distillery at which it was made and bottled on the label"

While some whiskey and bourbon drinkers might overlook this marking, without it the bourbon that people drink today would not be the same. In honor of the Bottled in Bond Day, Buffalo Trace is releasing a commemorative edition.

Buffalo Trace Bottled in Bond E. H. Taylor Jr Single Barrel Bourbon
Buffalo Trace Bottled in Bond E. H. Taylor Jr Single Barrel Bourbon, photo provided by Buffalo Trace /

The 9-year-old E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel was bottled by Buffalo Trace on January 5, 2012. This special limited edition bottle is meant not only to be a celebration of the history of bourbon but a toast to a good life.

While many people would happily purchase a bottle of this exquisite bourbon, it is not available in stores. Instead, the commemorative bottle of the E. H. Taylor Jr Single Barrel Bourbon will be available through a charity auction.

In partnership with E. H. Taylor Jr fan, Chris Stapleton, his charity, Outlaw State of Mind, will auction off these commemorative bottles. Signed by Stapleton, these bottles raise funds for “will jointly benefit winter storm disaster relief efforts in Texas, and the Blue Grass Community Foundation’s Flood Relief Fund for Appalachia Kentucky.”

Whether you pour yourself a glass on Bottled in Bond Day, on a special day or any day. Remember to thank the Father of the Modern Bourbon Industry. Raise a toast “may we always have respect for the past and straight bourbon whiskey in our glass.”

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