Kellogg’s adds a new MASHUPS cereal and you will like it

New Kellogg's MASHUPS cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's
New Kellogg's MASHUPS cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's /

Move over Froot Loops because the new Kellogg’s MASHUPS cereal has another cereal partner. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes joins with Apple Jacks in the newest cereal combination in a single box. While kids eat what they like, Tony the Tiger will think this cereal combination is great.

Previously, Kellogg’s launched a MASHUPS cereal that featured Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops. Both young and old quickly grabbed boxes off the shelf of these favorite cereals in a single box.

One of the reasons why the combination of cereal worked was because it offered two different textures of cereals in the same box. The Frosted Flakes had one type of crunchy texture and shape and the Froot Loops had a round shape and crunchier texture. Although both cereals are sweet, it is perfect when you can’t decide between your two favorite cereals.

Why is Apple Jacks coming to the new MASHUPS cereal?

Whether you remember the commercial, “A is for Apple and J is for Jacks” or you live by the notion “we eat what we like,” Apple Jacks is a hugely popular cereal. Although Apple Jacks might not have an iconic mascot, the Kellogg’s cereal is hugely popular.

Many people are drawn to the flavor of the Apple Jacks. Although it might not taste like biting into a juicy green apple, the sweet cereal is often a favorite with both young and old. Whether enjoyed with milk in a bowl or as a snack, Apple Jacks is almost as popular as Froot Loops.

Adding to the MASHUPS cereal line is a smart choice for the Kellogg brand. More and more consumers are wanting combination food options. Whether it is convenience, indecision or just wanting some fun in the cereal bowl, this type of cereal makes people smile.

Given the previous success and potential success of this offering, it leads to speculation for future MASHUPS cereal offerings. An obvious choice would be Corn Pops. As part of the Jumbo SNAX line, it seems a possibility.

The new MASHUPS cereal featuring Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks will be available in store this spring.

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What combination cereal would you like to see on store shelves? Have you ever made your own combination cereal?