Can you handle a Cheetos Flamin Hot Sushi Roll?

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sushi Roll, photo by Stop & Shop
Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sushi Roll, photo by Stop & Shop /

For Flamin Hot Cheetos fans a new food mash-up is irresistible. The Cheetos Flamin Hot Sushi Roll is could be that next food obsession. Can you handle the heat?

Recently, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot has taken over all types of food mash-ups. From the delectable Cosmic Wings to the tasty recipes in the Cheetos Cookbook, that iconic Frito-Lay snack isn’t just limited to the snack bowl.

While many people are having fish on Fridays for Lent, Stop & Shop is offering a bolder flavor that that traditional fish sandwich. This Cheetos Flamin Hot Sushi Roll could get people who scoff at sushi to try a taste.

According to Stop & Shop, the spicy flavor is more than just some Cheetos crumbles. The white rice is mixed with flamin’ hot oil and crushed pieces of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It is a double spicy combination.

The sustainably and responsibly sourced krab is wrapped in nori and topped with flamin hot mayo. While there is some cream cheese and avocado to tame the flames, it is still a bold bite. Although the cucumber adds some freshness, there is no escaping the flames.

If you can handle this extreme sushi, Stop & Shop is the only retailer in the Northeast to offer the special sushi roll. Plus, every Friday during Lent, the sushi roll is 25% off the $7.49 price.

This sushi roll is another example how Flamin Hot Cheetos are taking over all types of food menus. In many ways, that bold Cheetos flavor is a great seasoning for a variety of dishes. From the chicken wings to topping cheese curds, the possibilities are many.

The only food that might not make a tasty Flamin Hot Cheetos mash-up would be desserts. While a little spice with chocolate can be quite tasty, some other flavors might not meld as well. Of course, someone will find a way to make a Flamin Hot Cheetos dessert, but people might not be quite as willing to take that first bite. Or, maybe they will.

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Would you try the Cheetos Flamin Hot Sushi Roll? What other food mash-ups do you want to try?