Chili’s gallon margarita is the ultimate birthday cocktail

Chili's Margaritas, photo provided by Chili's
Chili's Margaritas, photo provided by Chili's /

Chili’s is ready to celebrate its birthday and the Chili’s gallon margarita is the ultimate birthday cocktail. While this gigantic margarita might be too big for every Ina Garten to sip on her own, it will make any celebration a festive one. Are your margarita glasses ready?

March 13 is Chili’s birthday and every year there is always a reason to celebrate. Since the restaurant brand is known for its infamous Presidente Margaritas, the cocktail is always the star of the celebration.

On the 13th, the Presidente Margarita will be just $3.13. Plus, this year the cocktail comes with a commemorative birthday party hat. When there is a birthday party, everyone needs to wear the proper attire. Just make sure that your hat is worn appropriately.

What’s a party without a Chili’s gallon margarita?

Over the past year, to-go cocktails have become a convenient way to enjoy your favorite restaurant drink at home. Although some people have honed their skills behind the bar, sometimes convenience is more important.

Chili's gallon margarita
Chili’s Margaritas, photo provided by Chili’s /

In honor of its birthday, Chili’s has permanently added the gallon margarita to the menu. Although available only at select restaurants, this margarita could be part of your next birthday celebration goals. While normally priced at $40, on March 13 the gallon margarita is just $30. Even though the price is a great deal, you might need to purchase just one.

Lastly, Chili’s understands that sometimes the best part of celebrating a birthday is with friends and family. In the past year, some of those celebrations have been a little more subdued. But, the future is looking brighter.

For people who can celebrate at home with a small group, they can enter to win a birthday party in a box from Chili’s. The box contains everything for a small gathering, except the alcohol. Simply use the hashtag #ChilisBirthday and comment on one of Chili’s social media accounts by March 6.

Whether you say happy birthday, feliz cumpleaños or just cheers, raise a glass to another year, to good times and to good people and enjoy that Chili’s gallon margarita one glass at a time.

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What is your preferred birthday beverage? Do you love the Presidente margaritas?