COLLIDERS desserts give Hershey’s candies a twisted, chopped and layered upgrade

COLLIDERS desserts now in stores, photo provided by Colliders
COLLIDERS desserts now in stores, photo provided by Colliders /

It’s official. COLLIDERS desserts are sitting in the grocery store refrigerated section. Instead of grabbing another package of pudding, these twisted, chopped and layered desserts could become your new favorite sweet treat. Ready to grab a spoonful of deliciousness?

When a sweet craving hits, it needs to be satisfied. Although grabbing a favorite Hershey’s candy bar is always a tasty choice, sometimes people want something different. The simple act of using a spoon to dig into a dessert makes that first bite even more enjoyable.

The new COLLIDERS desserts offer that luscious, creamy spoonful while still bringing the Hershey’s candy flavors that people crave. In a way, there is a nod to creative restaurant style desserts but in a more convenient form.

Last year, these desserts were announced, and many people counted down the days till the twisted, chopped and layered treats hit the refrigerated section. Now, these desserts are available, and people cannot get enough of them.

Which COLLIDERS desserts should you try first?

Since there are 12 different flavors in this dessert line, it can be hard to decide which one to try first. Whether you choose based on a favorite candy or dessert type, there is a flavor that satisfies. And, since there are just two desserts per package, you could add a few to the shopping cart and enjoy one a day.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a few of these COLLIDERS desserts and the biggest takeaway was that the creaminess of each bite. While the Hershey’s candies offer the texture in the TWISTED and CHOPPED varieties, the velvety spoonful will have you getting every last morsel from the container.

While many people will be drawn to the desserts with the candies on top, the LAYERED dessert deserves prime space in your refrigerator. In some ways, it is reminiscent of restaurant style layered pot de crème. Although you can eat a layer at a time, the best part is to get one complete bite of both layers.

Having tried the Reese’s LAYERED, the classic candy flavor comes through with the richness of the chocolate and the salty, sweet of the peanut butter. The creaminess of the dessert makes it quite satisfying.

Plus, the size of each container is just right. While you will definitely finish a serving, it isn’t too much that leaves you feeling that you over indulged. Whether you enjoy the COLLIDERS desserts after a meal or as a little afternoon treat, it could be a new way to satisfy your candy craving.

The COLLIDERS desserts are available at retailers nationwide. A package of two desserts has a suggested retail price of $2.99 and it can be found in the refrigerated section near pudding.

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Are you ready to dig into these new COLLIDERS desserts? Which flavor are you most excited to try?