Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX flavors ranked: What is the top cereal snack?

Cinnabon Jumbo Snax, photo provided by Kellogg's
Cinnabon Jumbo Snax, photo provided by Kellogg's /

Have you joined the cereal snack food trend? Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX flavors started the popular cereal snack concept.

By transforming its popular cereal brands into larger sized, convenient snacks, people have ditched the cereal bowl for convenient, tasty, on-the-go options. As Kellogg’s added the newest flavor to the line-up, Cinnabon, it begs the question, which Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX flavors are your favorite?

Although this list represents just FoodSided’s unscientific, solely opinion-based ranking, it is fun to debate favorite flavors. Just like everyone has a favorite cereal, it can cause some heated debates. Even in a single household, the person who eats all the Froot Loops only to leave a box of Corn Pops might get some side eye at the breakfast table.

Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX flavors ranked.

6. Corn Pops Jumbo SNAX

Probably the least sweet option of all the cereal snacks, Corn Pops are a tasty treat to mix in with other food. For example, combining the Corn Pops with some salty peanuts makes for a tasty sweet and salty combination. Plus, the round shape makes it fun to catch and eat.

5. Apple Jacks Jumbo SNAX

Whether you know the “A” apple catch line or not, Apple Jacks are deceptively delicious. With a hint of cinnamon with that apple flavor, this cereal snack is great with some vanilla yogurt. While not necessarily the same as a grab and go snack, it could make for a fun mid-afternoon treat.

4. Cinnabon Jumbo SNAX

The newest addition to the Jumbo SNAX flavors, it can be hard to resist that Cinnabon flavor. Although it might not be that warm, gooey treat from the oven, the flavors are still the same. Each bag feels like the perfect bite of comfort food.

3. SMORZ Jumbo Snax

The other new flavor, SMORZ feels more like a dessert than just a cereal. The chocolate, marshmallow flavor could replace that candy craving. Plus, if you use this cereal snack in an ice cream shake, it could be your new favorite mix-in.

2. Froot Loops Jumbo SNAX

Right now, Froot Loops are taking over the food trends. From pizza to milkshakes, those colorful o-shaped cereal pieces are everywhere. The larger sized versions are too good to pass up. The only word of caution is that you might wish for a bigger size bag.

1.Tiger Paws Jumbo SNAX

Tony the Tiger knows about great cereal and the Frosted Flakes Jumbo SNAX are the best flavor. Part of the reason is the shape. Who can resist those tiger paws? It is a like a bag full of high-fives.

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What is your favorite Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX flavor? Are you a fan of cereal snacking?