Will free Eggo waffles make springing forward a little easier?

Lose an hour, gain an Eggo waffle for Daylight Savings Time, photo provided by Eggo
Lose an hour, gain an Eggo waffle for Daylight Savings Time, photo provided by Eggo /

As everyone springs forward, free Eggo waffles are the tasty, small win. While Sunday’s lost hour might bring some cranky kids (and parents) to the breakfast table, mornings do not have to be filled with grumbles and frowns. Are you ready to put a new spin on that L’eggo my Eggo moment?

While fall brings an extra hour of sleep, the reality is that daylight saving time takes away that hour. Although every is excited for spring flowers, more sunshine and longer days, that the lost hour of sleep does come with a little crankiness. Even if parents coax the kids to go to bed a little earlier the night before, the lost hour of the day can make that Sunday a little chaotic.

Eggo understands that sometimes life is complicated but breakfast shouldn’t be difficult. With its L’Eggometer, it is helping parents find some positives in the daily grind and reduce those stressful mornings.

Could free Eggo waffles bring a smile to your day?

According to Laura Newman, Marketing Director with Eggo, “Eggo’s superpower is that it’s a win/win for kids and parents in the morning – kids love to eat Eggo waffles, and parents feel good about serving their family a nice, warm breakfast.”

While that Eggo waffle might not come with a cape or the ability to be in two places at once, it is a simple solution to a morning breakfast or any family meal. Parents feel good about giving their kids a food that they will enjoy, and kids are excited to eat a food that they love. It removes the stress from at least one meal.

At the same time, Eggo understands life needs to have some fun moments. Newman shared, “Ultimately, our goal is to give parents a moment of levity amidst the chaos, and for the first time ever, we’re able to better understand their pressure points with the L’Eggometer. With the data uncovered from the L’Eggometer, we can help parents L’Eggo and find solutions in real time.”

Whether or not the L’Eggometer is the parent hack that families need remains to be seen. Still, any busy parent appreciates that advice, hack or even just a moment of funny to make those unpredictable moments seem a little less daunting.

That idea is why the Spring Forward free Eggo waffles promotion will start Daylight Saving Time off on a happy note. On Sunday, March 14 Eggo will giveaway 100,000 free waffles. The giveaway will be shared on the brand’s social media channels. More information on the giveaway can be found on the brand’s website.

This free Eggo waffles promotion is part of the brand’s year long commitment to give away one million waffles this year. After the past year, everyone could use a little extra taste of happy.

This year, don’t let Spring Forward put a damper on your mornings. Free Eggo waffles and its L’Eggometer can make the day seem brighter. Everyone can get through this change, one waffle at a time.

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