Simple recipe hacks that make eating more fruits and vegetables easy

Dole Nutrition Month Recipes, photo provided by Dole
Dole Nutrition Month Recipes, photo provided by Dole /

Sometimes simple recipe hacks can change how home cooks look at healthy eating. While everyone should strive to eat more fruits and vegetables, there can be excuses to skip those food choices. From convenience to flavor, the plate can be overflowing with obstacles. Luckily, better food choices are easier than you think.

Recently, the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 recommended that “adults eat between five and 13 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.” Although those suggestions seem doable, many people struggle. From being too busy to just food boredom, some people find difficulty in hitting those recommended fruits and vegetables servings.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, Dole shared some simple recipe hacks that can easily and quickly boost servings of fruits and vegetables. More importantly, even the most picky eaters will be smiling when these recipes hit the table.

Here are 5 simple recipe hacks that are full of fruits and vegetables.

Just Desserts in the Morning

While the kids might love doughnuts in the morning, this Breakfast Banana Split recipe could become a new favorite. It has all the flavors that kids crave yet is full of good for your fruit. With just 10 ingredients and about 10 minutes of prep time, it could be the new breakfast routine that changes your morning.

Go Big for Breakfast

Mom always encouraged a big breakfast to help fuel the day. More importantly, a big breakfast full of fruits, vegetables and protein can help keep healthy eating on track all day long. Check out this recipe for a 6-Minute Egg Breakfast Bowl.

Not Your Everyday Smoothie

While everyone loves a great smoothie, like the Right Note Smoothie, this smoothie recipe has a few different ingredients. Adding some plantains and sweet potatoes into the mix with the pineapple makes for a satisfying sip. Before telling the kids what is in the smoothie, let them take a taste and enjoy.

10-min Gazpacho (Really)!

Blending fruits and vegetables has been part of the simple recipe hacks in many households. This recipe for Southwestern Gazpacho is as easy as it gets. If the kids aren’t used to a soup, have them join in the making process. As the vegetables whirl in the blender, they can get excited about the possibilities.

Savory and Sweet with Aloha

Cauliflower Rice has become many people’s go to side dish. This Hawaiian Style cauliflower rice adds some sweet pineapple. Since cauliflower easily absorbs flavors, this recipe could have the family asking for seconds.

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These simple recipe hacks might make any home cook feel more confident in the kitchen. More importantly, it makes eating all those fruit and vegetables easy because the recipes are tasty. Are you ready for another serving?