Town House and Club Crisps add new dimension to snack time

New Kellogg's Crackers, photo provided by Kellogg's
New Kellogg's Crackers, photo provided by Kellogg's /

From crispy texture to dipping fun, Town House and Club Crisps are changing the snacking routine. While the classic Kellogg’s crackers always have a spot in the pantry, snack food lovers crave new options. From a change in texture to the ability to dip, snack time is heading in a whole new dimension.

Snack trends continue to evolve. While flavor is always a deciding factor, people desire change. Even if there is a taste of the familiar, people want something exciting. Often that change comes from a different texture.

A strong, bold crunch often lends itself to eating satisfaction. Anyone who has suffered through a stale cracker knows that it pales in comparison to a crispy, crunchy one.

Additionally, the combination of textures makes a bite even more pleasurable. While chefs aim to balance this idea in the perfect dish, snack fans just think about the chip and dip scenario. That combination of creamy and crunchy is perfect.

How do the Town House Dipping Thins and Club Crisps change the snacking game?

Kellogg’s just recently added both Town House Dipping Thins and Club Crisps to its line-up. Unlike the traditional crackers, these new items have a snacking slant. From the crunchier texture to the dipping potential, it could be a food grazing extravaganza.

Zach Wyer, Director of Brand Marketing, Kellogg’s Crackers, said, “Our innovation and research & development teams are continuously re-imagining our iconic crackers, looking for ways to give snack lovers even more ways to enjoy our brands.” In some ways, these snacks offer a taste of the familiar yet brings excitement to the bowl.

Town House Dipping Thins Crackers
New Town House Dipping Thins Crackers, photo provided by Kellogg’s /

The Town House Dipping Thins could replace that corn chip or potato chip for dips. Whether you prefer a hearty humus or a creamy French Onion Dip, the options are many. With the spoon shaped design, it ensures that each bite can capture all that dip goodness. More importantly, the texture is thick enough so that you do not have to worry about breakage.

For snackers who prefer simplicity, the Club Crisps are totally munchable. Whether you eat one at a time or grab a handful, these crisps can go from snack time to a side for a sandwich, the option are many.

Available in Sea Salt and Ranch, the Club Crisps lend themselves to some fun food mash-ups. Similar to the idea of chips on a burger or sandwich, these Club Crisps make a tasty crunch addition. The slightly buttery flavor adds a richness to the total combination of flavors and textures.

The new Club Crisps and Town House Dipping Thins will be available this month. The Club Crisps have a suggested retail price of $.19 and the Town House Dipping Things have a suggested retail price of $3.89.

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Are you excited to try these new snacks? What types of snacks satisfy your cravings?